1. reverted says

    For some reason, these things remind me vaguely of the Glukkons from the Oddworld videogame series. (I know… weird. But, still.)

  2. says

    No les acabo de ver la forma de los Loligo pealey adultos, claro que es lo que tienen los embriones, que son amorfos.

  3. Prune says

    I reckon it’d be pretty easy to make cookies or gingerbread to a reasonable approximation of these embryos. Any baking types care to attempt?

  4. Didac says


    No lightning in this picture, at all. It is not a photograph but an electrograph, through a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Green colour is only for aesthetic purposes.

  5. davem says

    If the one on the middle is wearing a Fedora, why are the other two wearing berets? I need to know.

  6. says

    #13: Maybe it’s the infamous fedora-wearing gangster boss Al Cephalo and his two bereted ex-Army bodyguards? (“I could kill you with seven tentacles tied behind my back!”)

  7. Mena says

    Oops, premature posting. Prune @6:
    How about an embryo bento lunch? That may be a bit easier due to having a lot of different materials available.

  8. Duck Dodgers in the 24-1/2 Century says

    *with a pronounced lisp*
    Lisssten folks – the little green Martian cephalopods are coming to get YOU!

  9. E.V. says

    Turn the image upside down and you’ve got three day-glo mustachioed french poodle heads with funky electronic collars.