1. Richard Harris says

    Hey, the bully looks like Darwin! Sure, he would’ve agreed that the universe is pitiless & indifferent, but he was a nice guy, by all accounts. So what’s this Faithmole?

  2. Seamyst says

    ….. I don’t get it, either. What’s up with the YouTube videos showing each cartoon for two seconds before manually switching them out? (And why so fast? I’m a fast reader and I still have to pause the video in order to read the text and at least glance at the artwork.)

    The background music on the most recent “video” (didn’t look at the others) was cute for about ten seconds, then it got old really fast.

  3. Reed Miller says

    Religious or not, Faithmouse is at least clever and Dan Lacey is his own kind of brilliant. Not sure if I can say the same for the parody.

  4. says

    Wow, possibly a new high in stupid ways to use YouTube! They manage to present their comics at low resolution *and* annoy us by forcing us to watch them at their choice of speeds. Brilliant!

  5. Norm says

    Ah yes, demon humour is great. One of my all time favourites is “Bobby vs. Satan” from Kids in the Hall:

    “I am the front-man of evil Bobby!”

  6. says

    So, appropriating Mallard Fillmore, out to commit vehicular manslaughter on a hippie bus full of Doonesbury characters (drawn in the style of Trudeau before he could afford to hire assistants) is brilliant? The car sound effect, “Freep” is kinda subtle, I suppose.

    As for Demons, it’s all material handled much more thoroughly by S. Clay Wilson, with an R. Crumb rapidograph gloss. Happy to see it. I’m sorry to have learned that there are comics considered to be wholesome and family-oriented, that contain a fetus-angel named “Neverborn” kissing Obama while saying “He kills me!” Showing said character being strangled by a cross-hatched Darwin while a well-designed demon stands by may not be brilliant, but it’ll do.

  7. says

    There’s nothing wrong with the denizens of a Cartooniverse being designed. It’s the people who want to insist that the rest of us live in their own Cartooniverse that make me nervous, because sometimes their behavior seems better adapted to survival than mine.

  8. Pierce R. Butler says

    It’s appropriate that the sequence links (what do you call those things, anyhow?) at the top of the previous posting read:

    « Well, yeah…so who does GW Bush endorse, anyway? … Demons »

  9. Reed Miller says

    And, if anyone is confused in the above link; Timothy A. Bear is Dan Lacey. That thread is the second part of a long descent into madness and away from Christianity.

  10. joe says

    It was Richard Dawkins and not Charles Darwin who said the “pitiless and indifferent” schtick that is thrown back at Darwin by the believers. Darwin wondered why a god would allow a caterpillar to be eaten alive by a wasp larvae, and why a god would allow a ten year old girl to die, but he always seemed to be a pretty upbeat dude. Dawkins has had to put up with 150 years of irrational anti-Darwinists and just says it more forcefully and cogently.