Hi, Jack Picknell!

Mr Picknell, at jackaroni1229@yahoo.com, had a little question for me.

From: jackaroni1229@yahoo.com
Subject: Eye for Eye
Date: September 22, 2008 5:27:42 PM CDT
To: pzmyers@gmail.com
Delivered-To: pzmyers@gmail.com
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Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”0-1391878598-1222122462=:53532″
Message-Id: <300878.53532.qm@web63204.mail.re1.yahoo.com>

Just curious if God has impaled YOUR son on a rusty spike yet?

Why, no, Jack! He hasn’t.

Let me guess. Catholic? Representing for your faith? I’m sure you make the Pope proud.

Or maybe you’re just a random amoral scumbag.


  1. scooter says

    Don’t be too hard on him, he’s made from macaroni, he’s really neat, and fun to eat.

    hurray !!!

  2. CadicusTheDamned says

    Sheesh, the Catholics really do take transubstantiation seriously, don’t they? Someone needs to tell them a little hand waving and few muttered words in Latin does not actually turn a cracker into a two thousand old Jew.

  3. Alcari says

    Why, no, Jack! He hasn’t.

    It’s almost as if there no is omnipotent force governing the universe.

  4. scooter says

    PZ the Impaler.

    Nice ring to it.

    Help, I was attacked by PZ the Impaler, and I’m covered with hideous bits and bytes.

    I need some holy water and a band aid.

  5. rayceeya says

    Or maybe you’re just a random amoral scumbag.

    Funny, I AM a random amoral scumbag, but I draw the line at threatening other people’s children with the wrath of god.

  6. says

    Its pretty telling about the nature of a belief system, when their believers kneejerk reaction is to suggest, threaten, or destroy that which is against their belief.

    This man’s sick need to give empty threats is the reflection of the sick need of his fake god to murder it’s own fake progeny for the sake of it’s own botched creations.

    Its stupid no matter how you slice it.

  7. pcarini says

    “Rndm, mrl scmbg”
    THr’s tht gd ld fshnd prjctn mnfstng tslf gn.

    So if you were to do the opposite of a disemvoweling, would that be rendering the post inconsonant?

  8. GMacs says

    Wait, wait. Hand waving? Muttered Latin? Transformation of a cracker into a human?


    Omygod they’re witches! BUUUUUUUUUUUUURN THEM!!

    Makes you wonder why the religious folk have such a problem with Harry Potter.

  9. MarcusA says

    Poking at a crazy theist is like popping a balloon full of stinky hydrogen sulfide. Or biting into a rotten candy. Or watching a Halloween pumpkin decay from the inside out. Religion seems to have the effect of making people warm and fuzzy on the outside, while simultaneously destroying their humanity. Jack is one disturbed individual.

  10. pcarini says

    Makes you wonder why the religious folk have such a problem with Harry Potter.

    They aren’t big on competition, by any stretching of the term.

  11. Inky says

    Erm. Gosh, that guy sounds angry. Did you impale his son on a rusty spike? Oh! Maybe God impaled his son on a rusty spike, and he was wondering if other people experienced the same thing?

    Effing nitwit.

  12. says

    Maybe it’s a sign that God forgives all… or maybe it’s a sign that God doesn’t exist. I think the latter seems more appropriate, but the former is more in line with the Loving God these tools are meant to believe in…

  13. says

    Received: from [] by web63204.mail.re1.yahoo.com via HTTP; Mon, 22 Sep 2008 15:27:42 PDT

    Now, I’m no expert, but doing an nslookup on comes back as d206-116-124-226.bchsia.telus.net. Telus is a Canadian telecom. So it’s not just the US that has the crazies, whew!

    Blame Canada!

  14. Sauceress says

    Jack’s just pissed because he hasn’t managed to get any of his voodoo dolls to work and can’t find a goat to sacrifice.

  15. Andy James says

    Ha! He’s an art model!
    He likes to take his clothes off for those sweet young things in college. Mmmmm sweet hypocrisy.

    I would’ve thought that kind of scumbag would be worth a smartass remark and a laugh, not some pansy worthless threat.

    Poor bonehead.

  16. Dahan says

    Andy James,

    Hey now. Don’t knock the art models. As someone who teaches drawing I can tell you it’s a lot harder than you’d think. It’s hard to get good models. Let’s keep our comments to his stupidity, etc. and leave that bit out of it.

  17. Lago says

    I know you ask us not to write these people PZ, but I am going to despite this. I take full responsibilities for my actions, and I know they are not your intentions PZ, but mine…

  18. Norton says

    NARC says: “Now, I’m no expert, but doing an nslookup on comes back as d206-116-124-226.bchsia.telus.net. Telus is a Canadian telecom. So it’s not just the US that has the crazies, whew!”

    http://profiles.yahoo.com/jackaroni1229 says:

    Nickname: Jack
    Location: Vancouver
    Age: 51
    Marital Status: Married
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: CSR
    Home Page: www3.telus.net/jackp3/artmodel.html

  19. JoshS says

    pcarini, #15:

    So if you were to do the opposite of a disemvoweling, would that be rendering the post inconsonant?

    Made of 100% Win.

    I’m surprised nobody’s yet commented on Jack’s transparently homoerotic-BDSM-incest fantasy. Don’t worry, Jack, there’s a fetish community out there for you!

  20. Andy James says

    Ahem, its the observation of the irony thats important.
    I will not censor my remarks based on the sensitives of some select group of people, nor should you ask them to do so.

  21. Norton says

    Someone with the name Jack Picknell likes posting comments on Canadian newspaper articles. These are some quotes:

    Responding to the article “Morning-after pill approved for over-the-counter sales,” http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/story.html?id=eb9a322c-0b86-414c-8a28-a21d22c8c6a3

    Jack Picknell on May 16, 2008 at 12:39 PM wrote: “This pill kills babies. Canada hates it’s young.”

    Commenting on “My husband keeps turning me down for sex” http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080207.wlgroup07/CommentStory/lifeFamily/

    Jack Picknell from Burnaby, Canada on 07/02/08 at 2:10 PM EDT wrote: “I’m surprised that men are not giving you their phone numbers here.”

    Responding to “Risks of allergic reactions don’t outweigh…” http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080901.wHPVstudy0901/CommentStory/National

    Jack Picknell from Burnaby, Canada on 03/09/08 at 1:02 wrote: ” ‘Vaccine’ is a very deceptive label for this attack on teenage girls. AS of 2 weeks ago Gardisil poisoning is responsible for 21 deaths and 9,749 adverse reactions, including 78 outbreaks of genital warts and 10 miscarriages.”

  22. Epinephrine says

    His employment is listed as CRS. I wonder if that’s Catholic Relief Services?

    I was worried it was Canada Revenue Services, but it’s CSR not CRS. Probably a Customer Service Representative…

  23. firemancarl says

    Wow, and here I thought that the religious folk were supposed to not be judgemmental and kind and forgiving and all that shit. Meh, shows how much I know…..

  24. nicknick bobick says

    Jack appears to be a Canadian who has a ranting blog at
    http://aliarandamurderer.blogspot.com/ which is called “To hell with satan”.

    For some reason, most of this Canadian’s posts seem to be anti-Obama and anti-choice. I put his website here advisedly, since it is now likely to get more hits than just his family members.

  25. raven says

    God’s son doesn’t look at all like god. In fact, there is a real question about just who his son’s real father is*.

    God once got mildly annoyed with the beings he created in his image (so whose fault was that anyway) and flooded the earth with miles of water and killed everything and everybody including the dinosaurs except for 8 people.

    His alleged son looks a lot like a cracker. He should have been able to turn PZ into a frog or at least call 911. Instead he ended up with a nail through him in a trash can next to a banana peel.

    This cracker as the son of god theory isn’t looking so good. I hope PZ saved at least part of the son. DNA testing looks like a good idea.

    *There are rumors that the kid’s real father is a baker in Nebraska who has been reproducing sons of gods by the millions and selling them for a few pennies each to the gullible. No one has been able to confirm this yet.

  26. Jeanette Garcia says

    Receiving something like this could agitate my normally mild mannered ‘Clara Kent,’ personality to militant atheism. Snarl, snarl! — On the other hand it’s probably better to ignore these low life’s.

  27. Holbach says

    That is the utmost example of insanity yet! That religious cretin actually believed his imaginary god impaled your son on a rusty spike? Did he actually pray as hard as he could for this to happen? And why did it not happen? This more than strains credulity to it’s vanishing point! Can it ever be doubted that once religion takes hold of an unsound mind anything is possible through sheer and abject dementia? There are people in mental hospitals, and not so much because of their diminished mental faculities gone awry, would never be capable of the remark uttered by that cretinous slime of retrogressed human religious scum. This has got to be the prime example of a mind bent on the back of religious insanity. What else can be said?

  28. HappyKiwi says

    Although there’s no Jack Picknell in Burnaby Canada, there is a Walter J. Picknell. I wouldn’t mention this except that friend Walter has signed a petition against the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which includes the following statement: “We consider many complaints launched through so-called “human rights commissions” to be political tools to shut down dissent and uphold politically correct thought and opinion. In particular, we note the inordinate number of successful cases brought against conservatives and, in particular, Christians.” AND, Walter Picknell has added the following comment to his signature:”It is not truth that matters, but victory.” Adolph Hitler.

    Want to bet that Walter’s middle name is John and he likes to be called Jack?

  29. Dahan says

    Andy James,

    Hmmm, I guess I just don’t see any irony in someone who takes transubstantiation seriously also being an art model. Where’s the incongruity? If the profession of art model was a sleazy one that went against his church’s sacred teachings, then there would be hypocrisy and you’d have a leg to stand on. As it is…
    That said, you certainly have the right to make any remark you want, even if it doesn’t make sense.

  30. Epinephrine says

    Hmm, seems he is/was president of Adjack, an advertising agency that has been removed from the lists recently, but is still in the cache.

    Company Profile
    14 Holdom Ave N
    Burnaby, BC
    V5B 1K3
    Telephone: (604) 862-5225
    Products: Advertising agency; Creative design services; Graphic design: print; Marketing firm

  31. HappyKiwi says


    Yep, the President of “Réseau des entreprises canadiennes” in Burnary, lives at the same address as Walter J Picknell, namely:

    14 Holdom Ave N
    Burnaby, BC V5B 1K3
    (604) 299-1644

    What an arsehole, threatening someone’s child and being so mind numbingly traceable. Lay an official complaint with the Canadian police, I say.

  32. says

    Would it be unchristian of me to sign him up to some porn email lists?

    Only if it contained nuns… make sure it contains nuns.

  33. pablo says

    Please PZ just delete outright posts that troll beyond the bounds of decency. Disemvowelling is the cutesy censorship province of Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Unless you’re also planning on doing it to anyone who disagrees with her old man, then you’re not doing it right.

  34. Epinephrine says

    he is listed as President of “Réseau des entreprises canadiennes” in Burnary.

    No, he’s the president of Adjack – the site is a government site that tracks businesses – he’s not the president of the Réseau des entreprises canadiennes”, that’s the French term for the Industry Canada’s, Company Directories, Canadian Company Capabilities.

    Here, in English:

  35. tony says

    yeah, he’s probably a customer service rep. Regardless of what you think of other Catholics (and no, I’m not one), Catholic Relief Services actually helps people in need, regardless of their faith or lack thereof.

    Recent example: http://interaction.org/haiticuba

  36. says

    Yet another marvelous idiot.

    I am sad that these people give you crap all of the time, PZ, but their emails are really fun to read.

  37. raven says

    Would it be unchristian of me to sign him up to some porn email lists?

    Not at all. Jack Picknell as a devout Xian undoubtedly has already subscribed to all of them. Purely for research purposes I’m sure.

    This is just some random Canadian religious cultist kook. Good thing he is Canadian or he might end up as a VP candidate for the Theothuglicans or something.

  38. Ryan F Stello says

    Not sure what Jacky boy was on about.

    There’s just as much chance that you also killed God and the Holy Ghost with that, so there’d be no thing left to avenge the other. *

    It also goes without saying that threatening someone’s family is off limits. Kudos for bringing this coward to the (ironic) light.

    * Which depends on which metaphysical brain fart you believe in.

  39. HappyKiwi says


    My bad French exposed!

    Seriously, after looking at this guy’s blog I think he crosses the bounds of sanity. Most blogging kooks are harmless. Others turn out to be like Joseph Edward Duncan III.

  40. says

    HappyKiwi @44
    I am constantly amazed by what hundreds of people perusing the internet can find about any specific individual, right to privacy, anyone? Oh, wait, governments don’t like that idea…

  41. DangerAardvark says

    Oh c’mon, that’s just a traditional Canadian greeting.
    “Hello Jack, has God impaled your son on a rusty iron spike yet?”
    “Hi there, Doug. No he hasn’t, thanks for asking. And has Vishnu sodomized your wife with lunchmeat yet?”
    “No, I’m afraid he hasn’t.”

  42. Quidam says

    Yup, Jack is the typical liar for Jesus

    Jack Picknell from Burnaby, BC writes: This vaccination is unusual in that possible side effects include DEATH.

    For girls who choose promiscuity, then the risk of near-term DEATH to help reduce the possibility of a later term death is what you are considering.

    For girls who choose to remain chaste, this immunization is not at all required.

    18 dead, hundreds maimed, thousands wounded

    Is DEATH for sex a safe-sex choice…?

  43. Ryan F Stello says

    Phila (#57) beckoned,

    At the risk of shocking you folks, there’s a guy over at the Corner who doesn’t seem to understand evolution, philosophy, or logic.

    Wouldn’t that describe most of NRO’s readership?

  44. Joshu says

    @ #45:

    Well, a common meme among the monotheistic religions is that the human body is “wrong, evil, a vessel of sin”, and all that crap. Which contradicts the whole “created in God’s image” spiel, but diametrically-opposed ideas are part-and-parcel for a belief system that requires you to ignore that whole reality thing in place of ancient myth.

    As an illustration student in college, the whole “religion vs. nude figure drawing” thing amuses me greatly. I have a friend going to a religious college, and apparently in his figure drawing class the people are completely decked out in full-body swimsuits. The men have the option of going topless, but usually all models are covered to the neck, ankles, and wrists. How in the hell you’re supposed to get an accurate understanding of human anatomy without looking at it is beyond me.

    (Sounds kind of like a good analogy for Christianity. “Don’t look at the body/world directly, then claim you’re looking deeper than anyone else.” )

  45. HappyKiwi says

    It isn’t amazing, it’s frightening. I’ve never cruised after someone’s details before, but this guy offended me. And then I was a amazed how easy it was with even my rudimentary skills to find information on him. I predict there will soon come a time where people will withdraw from the internet for fear of exposure. No one planning to be a politician or a career criminal should ever post anything on line.

  46. says

    “We consider many complaints launched through so-called “human rights commissions” to be political tools to shut down dissent and uphold politically correct thought and opinion.

    Douchebag though the guy may be, that statement from the petition is essentially correct in the eyes of many, if not most Canadians. The various “human rights” commissions have been used primarily as a weapon to squelch free speech of all sorts that anyone disagrees with.

    Most recently a bevvy of Muslim groups got on Macleans magazine and Ezra Levant about some things they published (the former is mainstream media, the latter published the infamous “cartoons” that caused all the hubub in Europe). Unable to get satisfaction from the police, they filed human rights complaints, all of which were eventually thrown out but at considerable cost to the defendants and taxpayers.

    The original purpose of the HRCs was truly brilliant and progressive: to provide people a place to turn to when they were actually being discriminated against (say, not allowed to rent an apartment because you have dark skin). What they have become is a nightmare where anyone with hurt feelings can seek damages against white, anglo-saxon men.

    A large percentage of cases brought before the national human rights commission have been initiated by a single person – a former employee of the commission who left and now runs around looking for places where people might have hurt feelings and launching complaints. I assure you, if PZ did the cracker thing in Canada, that yahoo would have filed a CHRC complaint against him for belittling Catholics. Even if it was eventually thrown out, PZ would have had to pay to defend himself through the process, so even if PZ won, he’d still lose. The commission almost never awards costs to an accused.

    The problem is that there is very little political will do do anything about the HRCs. Chastise them and you’re viewed as against human rights.

  47. says

    Wow! It’s been a while since I saw a good, old-fashioned disemvoweling, and I can think of no one more deserving than that nobody fucktard troll.

    That gomer was on my blog a while back professing his undying love for Dinesh D’souza. The sick twist worships that ass-hamster for no other reason than the fact that Dinesh can use polysyllabic words in compound sentences.

  48. El Cid says

    I don’t understand — does God now have a thing for rusty iron spikes?

    And is this another one of the ‘my God will let the entire Holocaust happen without intervening but, oh man, if you talk about evolution, or look in the box with the Ark of the Covenant, oh man, then he’ll melt your face off’ kind of things?

  49. Owlmirror says

    Jack appears to be a Canadian who has a ranting blog at
    [ aliarandamurderer.blogspot.com ]

    Well, in that case, he’s definitely posted here on Pharyngula before. I noted the link, and while I did not follow it, the unpleasant and striking blog title was memorable.

    Let me see now…




    There are additional comments in the above – just search for his name. Most of his comments are slagging off on PZ, atheists, etc.

    He also appears to have some other blogs, privilegedwhitemales.blogspot.com, makeitsafeandlegal.blogspot.com

    Just going by the links he used in some of his comments. I have no inclination to actually follow them.

  50. JT says

    Doesn’t Jack’s text imply that PZ is on an equal plane with his (Jack’s) god? Isn’t that, like, insulting to said deity and against the rules somewhere on some golden tablets?

  51. CalGeorge says

    15 minutes of fame for Jack Aroni! Good job, Jack!

    He was a quiet man, who has also posted this….

    Shy and timid are outward signs of being meek and humble that girls find appealing. So girls prefer if we act like Jesus who said to be meek and humble of heart like him.

    Micah 6:8
    He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?


    …and apparently chicks dig it.


    Chicks dig it. Telling chicks stories about what Jack would like to do with PZ’s son? Not so appealing.

  52. Dahan says


    You’re correct. Some religious schools will cloth their models to some extent, but it isn’t really a tenant. I, personally, have drawn more than a few nude models at Notre Dame, which is a pretty solidly Catholic school.
    The reason I commented in the first place was because it seemed there was a false connection made between art models and lascivious or lecherous behavior.
    Good luck with the illustration!

  53. Brian D says

    For what it’s worth, “CSR” is also the abbreviation of the modern spin term “Customer Service Representative”, a title that is wonderfully generic in itself but is typically (but by no means monopolistically) reserved for helpdesk or call-center folk.

    As a Canadian, let me tell you that the theists really can’t stomach having freethinkers around up here either. For instance, some genius forgot that Christianity includes “love your neighbour” and just recently defaced our campus Atheists & Agnostics group banner, adding that “God Loves You” and “Jesus is Coming”. I imagine that, much like the markers they used, such love doesn’t wash out easily.

  54. Andy James says

    The irony is that they perceive it as pervy. I don’t. Its ironic that this man would be such a prude, and do something his fellow parishioners would find highly questionable.

    Hows that for drawing a picture.

  55. info_dump says

    @ Brian D

    After “Jesus is Coming” I would have been tempted to add “- open your mouth” or something to that effect.

    Tasteless? Yes.
    But at least it’s low in calories.

  56. rufustfirefly says

    I thought God’s son was born to be impaled on a spike? I thought that was his entire reason for being? It was meant to happen. So what are they whining about?

  57. Dahan says

    Andy James @ 78,

    Well, obviously we aren’t going to agree on this. Like I said earlier, if places of higher learning like Notre Dame don’t think it’s perverted to have nude models (and we don’t even know that he does model nude) then I still don’t see where there’s any irony.
    Oh well, the guy’s a feckin’ idjiot with major psych problems no matter how you cut it.

  58. Louis says

    Info_dump @ 81.

    Tasteless? Not according to my wife….

    Anyway. I think we have learned (again) a valuable lesson from this: Don’t fuck with PZ, he will post your death threat for millions to see. And then you will be hunted down and sent porn to.

    I’m not saying I approve, but look at it this way, if you stick your gentleman vegetables into a lion’s mouth and repeatedly poke its balls with a pointed stick, don’t come crying to me when you end up singing falsetto.


  59. JohnA says

    “Protestants can be ass monkeys too.”

    Broader than that: “Monotheism leads to ass-monkeyism”.

  60. says

    With spikes through hands and spikes through feet
    The Son of God went home to Dad;
    A sacrifice which made complete
    The reason God had made the lad;
    Thus death was triumph, not defeat,
    A reason we should all be glad–

    This time, not flesh but merely wheat
    (And flavorless, I think I’ll add)
    Which P.Z. did not choose to eat
    But skewer with a nail he had…
    The controversy? Pure conceit–
    Or else the world’s gone barking mad.

  61. Rey Fox says

    “How in the hell you’re supposed to get an accurate understanding of human anatomy without looking at it is beyond me.”

    Hilarious. I’m imagining the students all drawing like Rob Liefield now.

  62. says

    Now, now, now, PZ. Let’s not paint with such a broad brush. Protestants can be ass monkeys too.

    How could they not. If this insufferable guy named Luther were still around, he would send PZ emails, too.


  63. says

    No, please DO NOT spam this vile nitwit, do not send him porn, don’t even email him abuse. You want to write him a reasonable email in which you point out the despicable nature of his letter, that’s fine, but probably futile — looking at his various websites, he’s impenetrably stupid.

  64. says

    @28 – “I know you ask us not to write these people PZ, but I am going to despite this. “

    Pharyngulation?? ….Good!

    P.S. Cuttlefish, you are brilliant! :-)

  65. BobC says

    Jack wrote:

    Just curious if God has impaled YOUR son on a rusty spike yet?

    I don’t think Jack meant any harm. He was just implying that Jebus lives in crackers, and abusing a holy cracker equals abusing Jebus Himself. Is Jack a world-class asshole, batshit crazy, immensely stupid, and incredibly childish? Yeah, sure, but that means he’s just a typical Catholic.

  66. Steve_C says

    That guy is creepy. From reading his blog. Some really sick nonhumor. He’s got a nutty persecution complex. He makes Donohue look almost sane. Wow.

  67. Steve_C says

    I sent an email asking simple questions and for evidence of any god anywhere that would care about a cracker. I was impertinent but not insulting.

    Now after seeing that crazy crap he puts on his blog… I wish I hadn’t. He’s unibomber scary.

  68. says

    HappyKiwi @65, yes, I was being mildly sarcastic in that. It is slightly terrifying, but also very enlightening. For instance, rather than reply to some asshat HIV denier about evolution of HIV being “too complex,” I looked up his blog, read some of the bogus claims, and just ignored it.

  69. Veronica says

    Honestly, this kind of people make me really really scared. What is it with religion that make people so angry at each other? What’s the goal to all this? And also, are we supposed to answer to this kind of threat, cause I’m pretty tired of defending my lack of faith in supernatural events.
    And by the way, this people clearly do not have jobs or anything so they have the time to send threatening e-mails all the time! And I barely have the time to comment here due to my research. Maybe that’s the goal??

  70. Rob says

    Broader than that: “Monotheism leads to ass-monkeyism”.

    Broader than that: “Theism leads to ass-monkeyism”

  71. says

    It is him. WARNING: The “To Hell with Satan” blog is rich with pretty scary images.

    Ironically, this sort of pro-life activist should be culled from the gene pool.

  72. s1mplex says

    Just curious if God has impaled YOUR son on a rusty spike yet?

    More importantly, has Richard Dawkins’ mum thrown you in the garbage with a banana peal?

  73. GMacs says

    @ 40
    “His alleged son looks a lot like a cracker. ”

    Yeah, he does seem a bit too white for a Middle-Eastern Jew.

  74. Hank Fox says

    Bloody hell. That guy has some truly nasty stuff on his FOUR Blogger blogs.

    The pics on “To Hell With Satan” are vomit-inducing, Jeffrey Dahmer-level disgusting.

    This is one sick puppy. AND he’s a McCain-Palin supporter.

  75. Badger3k says

    #44 – if he is referring to the wonder of censorship that are the Canadian Human Rights commissions, which routinely prosecute people for such fake crimes as “blasphemy” and “offending people”, then he has a point. LIstening to a Canadian editor who was charged with these kangaroo courts was very interesting. I may be wrong on what they were called, but they are a travesty and a mockery of real justice.

    Of course, if he was not referring to them, then he was probably wrong.

    That said, does ‘ol Jackanapes mean to imply that PZ has a son who is also himself who was born the same time as PZ as well as years later….hey,I just realized…if you carry that on to where we get to the virgin birth, it gets really, really creepy and I did not even want to write it out and go there. Blurgh.

  76. The Cheerful Nihilist says

    I find it interesting that there would even be a site called “Yahoo” given that Jonathan Swift used the term to describe the basest human behavior.

    Remember, the Yahoos flung shit at each other and the Whnyhmms (sp?) and did other seriously misanthropic acts.

    jackaroni and Sarah Palin have much in common.


    And in a Wayne Grady/Dave Chappelle moment:

    “Is John McCain gonna have to choke a bitch?”

    Whenever you respond to a comment about Palin, you should use that phrase.

  77. says

    His employment is listed as CRS. I wonder if that’s Catholic Relief Services?” – Norton, #21

    If he’s in the Washington DC area, he may work for the Library of Congress’ Congressional Research Service – sorta Congress’ pre-Google search service.

  78. says

    This leads me to wonder:

    Do these people become this skewed and amoral because of their religion? Or, do they choose religion because they are skewed? Or – Would they really be off the reservation if they didn’t believe their religion?

    I’m not sure which possibility scares me the most, but … dang, that’s just insane!


  79. says

    Oh – and CSR is probably something like Customer Service Representative. And you’d probably never know how insane his is if you got the chance to talk to him on the phone for service related issue – likely the crazy only comes out at night.


  80. Arnosium Upinarum says

    This is to Certify that the Petitioner, Jack Picknell, has completed Step Forty and Two of The 666 Steps comprising his Trials of Allegiance, in the performane of The First Series of Ninety and Nine Acts of Bravery, consisting of Demonstrations of Heroic Insanity against the Evil Forces of Rationality, to Prove himself Worthy of The Fold.

    The Elders of the Church of Unlimited Lunacy now formally grant him permission to pass within The 624th Outer Circle Perimeter.

  81. says

    For the record, for those of you tempted to go visit the site To Hell With Satan, some of those images include Barack Obama feasting on a roasted human baby. And that’s the tamest one I could stomach.

    Dr. Myers, I know you don’t want us spamming this vermin, but you didn’t say anything about reporting him to Google for violation of its policies. I encourage everyone to file a complaint.

  82. says

    #99 –

    Broader than that: “Theism leads to ass-monkeyism”

    Broader that hat: Being human leads to ass-monkeyism.

    Theism just influences how the ass-monkeyism expresses itself.

  83. GMacs says

    “That religious cretin actually believed his imaginary god impaled your son on a rusty spike? Did he actually pray as hard as he could for this to happen? And why did it not happen?”

    Because his god heard the prayers and said “Mind your own damned business A-hole!” Even assuming god exists, why are these people so offended about something their alleged creator should be able to handle on his own?

    Does. Not. Compute.

  84. AlanWCan says

    Here’s an interesting question he posted on yahoo questions:
    Should Catholics separate?
    We are 20% of the population, built and run hospitals, universities, businesses,…. We could easilty go it alone and let the worldly fend for themselves.

    What do you think?

    * 3 months ago

    Additional Details

    3 months ago
    We would be able to live according to our consciences. Image teh safe secure feeling knowing your health care providers are pro-life, your children are being taught proper morals, and living in a way that pleases God.

    Well, yes Jack. Please do. I’d love to see the back of you and your ilk. On you go, move to Vatican city and then destroy your passport. Knock yourself out, build a wall. Never re-emerge from your bronze age papal womb.

  85. Dust says

    Veronica @98 said “Honestly, this kind of people make me really really scared. What is it with religion that make people so angry at each other?”

    Veronica I was raised catholic–in a large family, and in my experience, there was alot meanness, anger and the never ending negative judgementalism (is that a word?) Although I left the church at age 18 and began my journey to becomming an atheist, I still struggle with with all that gross negative baggage daily and I’m over 50 now.

    Most of my siblings are atheist or agnostic and two of my younger siblings, who are avowed athiests, are raising their kids in a much more positive and friendly manner.

    Their kids seem to actually want to be with their parents and their interactions are quite warm with each other and the kids seem to have a lot of self confidence.

    In my experience, the meaness and hate is common in many religious family systems. (doesn’t mean in contrast all non-religious families are never mean or hatefull of course)

    With religion becomming more political and vocal in the last 20-30 years or so, seems to have encouraged this behaviour.

    Doesn’t seem to have a real point though, near as I can tell.

  86. AlanWCan says

    Oh ho, and another on a dating chat board?:According to the answers here most girls seem to prefer prefer shy timid guys.
    Shy and timid are outward signs of being meek and humble that girls find appealing. So girls prefer if we act like Jesus who said to be meek and humble of heart like him.
    Micah 6:8
    He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?

    Matthew 5:5
    Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

    Matthew 11:29
    “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

    Luke 12:32
    “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom.
    …and apparently chicks dig it.

    Who knew. Jesus will now get you laid if you’re an imbecilic catholic ?

    (I especially loved the circular non-logic of the replies from another delusional maroon: I want a man that loves Jesus more than anything in this world and wants to be like HIm. I don’t want imitations.)

    Our friend Jack doesn’t think inter-religion marriages are a good idea either.

    But I think this is interesting: He has a deviant art profile under the name JacksterBaxter: he’s a male model and/or photographer in Vancouver, Canada? I’m afraid to click the link on his profile for mesmerising male nudes. Anyone else going to step up to the plate?

    Can this really be the same guy? A little self-loathing maybe?

    * Current Age: Guess
    * Current Residence: Vancouver Canada
    * Interests: Modeling, Photography, Art
    * Favourite movie: Prospero’s Books (you have to see it!)
    * Favourite genre of music: Smooth Jazz
    * Favourite artist: Michelangelo
    * Favourite photographer: Whomever is shooting me at the time.
    * Favourite style of art: Baroque, Psychedelia
    * Operating System: MS Windows XP
    * Favourite cartoon character: Bender
    * Personal Quote: Anything worth doing at all, is worth doing well.
    * Tools of the Trade: Gym, Pool, Track, Canon Powershot, Clay

    Next up, his favourite prayer: The Canticle of Brother Sun.
    (Francis was way ahead of his time as regards “ecological living”) and I love this, The prayer of St. Francis, which goes:
    Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
    where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury, pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    and where there is sadness, joy.

    I must have missed the bit about sending stupid threatening messages to people you disagree with.

    OK, this is getting boring now.

  87. says

    After the various descriptions of his online activities, I have officially decided to stay the fuck away from him.

    I don’t tempt potential serial killers.


  88. says

    Yowza. Normally, I love the crazy, but this loon is just a little too far gone.

    The dating bit skeeves me out. That’s like serial killer chatter.

  89. says

    Gah! This guy sculpts. What an insult to the art form I love so much.

    Well that’s a DeviantArt News collection that I somehow missed. I was actually complaining tonight of a lack of good male nude photography on that site. I happen to be a member on DA so I know how the site works and that link is not his own work but a collection of male nudes (all quite tasteful and beautifully shot) put together by a female member of DA. I’d find it very ironic if he had nude photos of himself up on DA but his gallery is currently empty which may say something about whether or not he really is a model or just wishes he was one.

  90. mikeg says

    what can i say that hasn’t already been said?… oh wait, i’ve just thought of something… doh!

  91. woodstein312 says

    If every communion wafer really becomes the body of christ, wouldn’t that make Jesus thousands of feet tall and weighing millions of tonnes to account for the billions of wafers believers have swallowed throughout history?

    If so, perhaps it’s a good thing that Jesus, if he existed at all, is dead.

    Otherwise, we’d need Godzilla and Mothra together to fight him off. But, dude, what a movie that would make.

  92. KookHunter says

    I see from a brief trawl past the obnoxious Jack Picknell’s worst blog (aliarandamurderer) that he’s recently posted a disclaimer of sorts about his threat against PZ’s son. You couldn’t call it an apology because it has the usual OT crap about ‘an eye for an eye’ etc. What’s clear is that Walter J. Picknell of 14 Holdom Ave N, Burnaby, BC has been following this thread and is more than a little freaked out at how quickly his cyber footprints have been followed (and that’s without any serious digging). This moralising Catholic hypocrite doesn’t want the world to know about the beam in his own eye–the same eye he uses to look at homoerotic photographs–and he can’t be too pleased that anyone with Google Earth can drop straight into his front yard for a looksee.

    If you read this post Picknell, I hope you’re feeling more than a little queasy at how you’ve been exposed. And I’m sure you’re praying for the safety of PZ Myers and his family, because if anything were to happen to them, guess whose door the authorities would be knocking on in no time.

  93. RedGreenInBlue says

    Oi, PZ, NO!

    Don’t inflict teh Comic Sans on the message headers as well. What’s the poor SMTP server ever done to hurt you?


  94. Feynmaniac says

    WARNING: His blog “To Hell with Satan” is extremely disturbing. I nearly vomited at the images, and I am told I have some pretty thick skin. With that email and his blog I’m thinking something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this guy. I expect both may play a role further down the line at his sanity hearing.

  95. Dean says

    “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

    Because they will sneak in an night and change your (written) will.

  96. scooter says

    Psi Wavefunction

    (although seriously, there’s even worse freaks out here than that. Scary, I know…)

    No shit , I can vouch for that, I know many a twisted biker in that very neighborhood, from former lives.

    They’re not very humanist, but they do a good job cleaning the gene pool, and they work cheap.

    They are forever running out of Methamphetamine, and hate to sleep.

    Just sayin’.

    It would be a shame to waste a perfectly good address.

  97. Nick Gotts says

    Leave it out. Implicit death threats are OTT, even in regard to a scumbag like Picknell.

  98. clinteas says


    got your electricity back then?? good on you,i imagine it was a tough time.

    Im still trying to make sense of that email,to be honest,is that a death threat,a reference to some bible verse,or what?

    And here’s one that might get me grilled,but I really think that if PZ or his family feels threatened by a particular mail,give it to the FBI or your local law enforcement agency,dont post it here,where you dont have control over what people might do with the mail header etc.

  99. GunOfSod says

    Ok My Guess, repressed latent homosexual from a very rigid Catholic upbringing, both of which point to a great deal of projected self loathing and guilt, manifesting itself in a predisposition towards homoerotic imagery and violent outbursts of rage.

    This folks, is your childs brain on religion.

    I’d stick clear of this guy.

  100. says

    “Just curious if God has impaled YOUR son on a rusty spike yet?”

    No Jack, he’s been too busy not sending Manna to African children dying of starvation. It’s hard work, being a genocidal God who so loves the world he lets the people people created in his own image died horrible deaths.

  101. Annie Morris says

    People, do not look at the pictures on that ‘person’s blog. Rank does not even begin… Seriously, I have just seen stuff I truly will not be able to get out of my head. And I have a BLOODY strong tolerance level.

    Seriously, if you are easily upset, don’t look.

    This guy is an absolute loon. Better to let him rot in the hell he has invented for himself like all looney fundamentalists. Never trust morons that spout the bible endlessly… they are the most dangerous.

    Take care of yourself and your lovely family PZ.

    Scooter, Hope that you were only kidding. Hypocrisy truly sucketh. (OT pictures were totally hawsome!!!! Hope likfe gets back to normal for you real soon!)

  102. minimalist says

    Actually, the most nauseating thing about this guy is that his favorite genre of music is “smooth jazz”.

    SMOOTH JAZZ, for crap’s sake! Excuse me, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  103. Desert Son says

    * Favourite genre of music: Smooth Jazz

    All the other crazy stuff AND smooth jazz?

    “Zee goggles! Zey do nutzing!” /rainierwolfcastle

    Ah, minimalist got there before I did. Well said.

    Jack needs to spend less time blogging his scary stuff, more time thumbing through the Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis selections at his local music store.

    No kings,


  104. Dianne says

    Maybe it’s a sign that God forgives all… or maybe it’s a sign that God doesn’t exist

    Or there is a god or gods, but he/she/they are not Yahweh or any of his mutant forms and therefore could care less what happens to a cracker that represents the imaginary son of an imaginary god.

    Or the god of the Christian Bible exists and approves PZ’s actions. He might think that his followers are getting out of hand and need to be taught to respect people over things. Once again.

    Or punishing PZ in a vile and disgusting manner is on Yahweh’s to do list, but he hasn’t gotten to it yet.

    The possibilities are endless once one lets go of the need for any logical coherence or emperical evidence.

  105. Bacopa says

    Scooter. Glad you’re back. I’ve had power for a week, but just the other side of the street they’re saying it won’t be until this weekend.

    No damage other than a broken window. You gonna be back on the air this Thursday night?

    And back on the original topic: I think the whole “Eye for an Eye” thing is extremely threatening.

  106. Pierce R. Butler says

    Happy Kiwi @ # 65: No one planning to be a politician or a career criminal should ever post anything on line.

    Ooops! Now you tell me!

  107. raven says

    It would be worth turning over some of Jack Picknell’s more demented blog entries and his threats against PZ’s son to Homeland Security and the FBI.

    Since he is Canadian, they couldn’t do much. But they could put him on the Do Not Cross list and keep him out of the USA. These days, even DUIs can keep people from crossing the border.

    Didn’t look at his blog entries, but yes he is probably psychotic. 1% of the population is schizophrenic, that is 3 million in the USA alone.

  108. says

    PZ, Just curious if God has impaled YOUR son on a rusty spike yet?

    No, but He’s sentenced millions of innocents around the world to painful deaths via disease, starvation, poverty, and war for no fault on their part. Still call it godly love, you fucking asshole?

    Get some perspective, you stupid fuck. I hope you get prostate cancer.

  109. The Petey says

    I just realized…

    Jesus of Nabisco is sort of like the Catholic Gingerbread Man…

    Except not worth eating.

  110. says

    This Jack Picknell is not much of an artist, but his choice of subjects are very… Interesting. Check the amateur drawings and sculptures of naked men and masculine-looking women on his home page…

    And then there’s the DeviantArt page, with favorite links like: “Mesmerising Male Nudes (Photography)”.

    “So far into the closet he must be shitting mothballs”, indeed.

  111. scooter says

    Bacopa @ 147

    just the other side of the street they’re saying it won’t be until this weekend.

    Same here, we’ve still got some refugees hangin around the house, and I guess we’ll run some extension cords across the street for the neighbors.

    I dunno if KPFT is going to be back on the air thursday, but I’m going to produce a show anyway, just in case. Also there are other stations that carry it. I’ll be in Long Beach by Thursday for the convention, so Staci can run the Innerside if we’re back up.

    BTW, Nick and others, just for the record, #135 was a joke, I don’t know any bikers in Canada, but I shouldn’t assume everybody would know that

    Irene @ 152

    Check the amateur drawings and sculptures of naked men and masculine-looking women on his home page…

    Those are some pretty stern faces aren’t they? The second is rather feminine Rubensesque, though. I kinda like the guy on the toilet with no head. Self Portrait?


    Scooter’s Ike Pix and vids

  112. karen says

    Check the amateur drawings and sculptures of naked men and masculine-looking women on his home page…

    On the bust of jeebus, the crown of thorns looks oddly like it’s made of overlapping penises!

    @Scooter-I really empathize with your daughter’s fire-ant bite situation! (I think it was your daughter’s foot being shown). I’ve been bitten twice in the last three weeks, and not nearly 90 bites, but YOW, do they hurt! And the scars last for so long!!!!

  113. scooter says

    Karen at 154

    I’d be whining around the clock if I got attacked like that, but she’s fine.

    She got her hair stuck in a branch at the same time she got swarmed, and couldn’t get away.

    I got swarmed and took about 40 bites a few years ago, and I started going into shock, and my eyes were swelling shut.

    Believe it or not, I was working in a medical building, so I ran upstairs to a GP, and he hit me up with some heavy steroid shot, in ten minutes all the welts completely disappeared, and I was fine. I got lucky on that one!

    Praise science!!

  114. scooter says

    Oh yeah I read that last night, holy crap the guy is openly fascist, well at least he’s honest [(((shudder)))]

  115. scooter says


    Holy crap, you’re right it IS a crown of penises !! Perhaps his target demographic is William Burroughs’ fans.

    Gotta gota work, see yall later

  116. says

    I think we should leave the guys sexuality out of it, regardless of what it is and what his religious beliefs are. Apart from anything else, it comes too close to suggesting homosexuality is a bad thing. Although I understand the context of the statements and that that’s not the intention of the posters, I still feel like it’s not cool.

  117. Ichthyic says

    Holy crap, Scooter!

    that’s some serious devastation.
    pretty sunset, though.

    looks like the fire ants thought your daughter was to blame for the flooding of their local domicile?

    Not Want Fire Ant Refugees!

  118. says

    I hate defending this guy but there’s nothing on that art page that is remotely telling (other than that he’s pretty mediocre) it’s very standard art class stuff that any college level student taking an art class would be doing. Also in general most guys when they start drawing tend to draw masculine looking women and women draw feminine looking men. This is my own observation from seeing numerous drawings and sculptures by beginners (myself included). I suspect it has to do with being more familiar with your own facial and body proportions than that of the opposite sex unless you’ve done more than just casual or recreational observation.

    Ouch, those bite look painful. Maine winters might be damn cold but they’re also too cold for fire ants to survive.

  119. Petra Skall says

    Jeremy@#160 wrote: “I think we should leave the guys sexuality out of it … it comes too close to suggesting homosexuality is a bad thing.”

    We can’t leave sexuality out of this Jeremy–it is the nub of Picknell’s problem. He is a deeply repressed man whose homosexual feelings have been warped by his religion into destructive self-loathing. Everything he campaigns against has, at its base, some warped view of sexuality. Be it male or female sexuality, gay or straight, Picknell seeks to control, contain and destroy that which he has never come to terms with in himself. See how he talks of young women when it comes to protection against HPV. Even his interest in impaling a young man on a rusty spike, speaks to some repressed sexual need in his own make-up.

    Nothing has been written here against homosexuality. The problem most of us recognize is that Picknell’s own repressed desires and contingent self-loathing are causing him to lash out against those who aren’t fettered by his crippling religious heritage. He lurks around here and attacks PZ because he desires what he can’t have. As long as he sticks to internet abuse he’s probably safe. But the warped mind evidenced on his blog makes that a big ‘probably’.

    Homosexuality is not a bad thing. The way religion has warped Picknell is what’s bad–his loathing of gays is a loathing of himself.

  120. says

    The Chemist, #120

    I met two serial killers, each on separate occasions. This was before each had started on his spree. I scared them.

    Then there was the time more recently when I ran into this fellow and his two wives. Yep, two. And I completely missed who the three were.

    OTOH, when I told him I hoped he would get what he’d earned, his subsequent arrest and conviction for kidnapping and child molestation fit the bill.

    As you can see, there are people out there who scare bad guys. :)

  121. CosmicTeapot says

    Nick Gotts @ 156

    I like how he demonstrates democracy as a bad thing with the invented trial of Jesus.

    Whoops, silly me, he believes the bible is true.

  122. LeeLeeOne says

    Scooter! You’re holding my absolute favorite bottle of gin! Bombay Sapphire! ooooooh yes! (I’ll toast a double for ya) But seriously, I wish you and your family the best of days ahead – I’ve been there, done that, got the photos and a second mortgage to show for it all – sheesh.

  123. says

    Oooh, poor Jack had to close all his blogs and his homepage.

    Poor me didn’t get to be converted by his crazy rantings.

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to remain an atheist for yet another day.

  124. says

    It does sound like fun sometimes though, to be able to run around acting like an ass, and KNOWING that your god or invisible unicorn or whatever, will just forgive you for being the disgusting douche-bag that you are.