1. Sven DiMilo says

    In this corner, wearing the cut-off denim trunks and Widespread Panic T-shirt, the current champeen, the King of Typos, the Reverend Big Dumb Chimp!
    And in this corner, wearing the Merry Widow, garterbelt, and pumps to die for, the Challenger, the keyboarding-challenged and sense-free “carntfoozed”!
    I want a clean fight, gentlemen, no elbows. May the worst typist win!

  2. archgallo says

    Unrelated to this post, but funny: the Anti Spore website ( that you talked about a few days ago, turned out to be a case of Poe’s Law. In addition, the creator also rickrolled the Bible.

  3. mathyoo says

    FYI, Mork & Mindy’s house is in Boulder, not Denver, and people actually live there. From what I’ve heard, they get a little peeved when people come to look at the house.

  4. minusRusty says

    And we’ll probably have to start in the bar. I just called and they don’t do reservations on Friday/Saturdays, and they’ve got that stick-ball thingy going on this time again.


    If I had realized that, I would have suggested someplace else, PZed. Sorry about that.

    But I’ll still see you there! (Obviously…)

  5. Brent Hawkins says

    I am going to try to making it down there. I’ll be leaving Boulder a little after 5 if anyone would like to carpool down.

  6. lettucequeen says

    Hey PZ, have you seen this latest bit of WTF-ery?

    “Creationism should be discussed in school science lessons, rather than excluded, says the director of education at the Royal Society.

    Professor Michael Reiss says that if pupils have strongly-held family beliefs about creationism such ideas should be explored.”

    Full story here:

  7. LightningRose says

    For Cynic, #11

    Wynkoop Brewery
    1634 18th St, between Wazee and Wynkoop (Dog, I love the street names in that part of town)
    About 1/2 a block from Union Station.

    I’d link to their website, but it has obnoxious music that can’t be disabled.

  8. Cynic says

    I’ve found 3 ‘Wynkoop’ bars in Denver at the following addresses, could someone please tell me which is under discussion?
    1634 18th St
    3763 Wynkoop St
    1536 Wynkoop St
    Thank you,

  9. Brent Hawkins says

    So my buddy that was going to come with me bailed.

    Do you think I will be able to get along with all of you lavishly godless strangers on my own?

  10. pooped says

    I would like to come but it’s been a rough day at work and downtown is like an hour away… have a good one!

  11. Stwriley says

    Just remember, these are the breweries owned by John Hickenlooper; so if you see the gentleman in question, be sure to shout out “are you a member of the turtle club?”

    To which the only appropriate response is “you bet your ass I am!”

    Just tell him Kurt sent you.

  12. Holbach says

    Miss Infidel @ 10

    Yes, we have had that posted already, but thanks again as I do like it and misplaced the original posting. Good stuff!

  13. Limey Bastrd says

    OK let me in on the deal,who the hell are Mork & Mindy’s
    Some sort of Yank joke? sound like a couple of wankers to me.

  14. freelunch says

    Mork and Mindy was a television show starring Mork from Ork in the body of Robin Williams and Pam Dawber as Mindy, the hopelessly overmatched victim. Later in the series they had a child: Mirth, played by Jonathan Winters.

  15. says

    Mork and Mindy was a television show starring Mork from Ork in the body of Robin Williams and Pam Dawber as Mindy, the hopelessly overmatched victim. Later in the series they had a child: Mirth, played by Jonathan Winters.

    Wow. Totally forgot about Mirth.

  16. Cynic says

    Well, I dropped by, tried to say hello, but your little get together was only available to those 21 and over and they couldn’t find your name on the list. :(
    Next time you’re in Colorado could you please meet somewhere where those under legal drinking age can also say hi and thank you in person?
    Sorry I missed you this time,

  17. Mariana says

    Sorry if this has already been posted/discussed:

    An Italian comedienne who said that Pope Benedict XVI would go to Hell and be tormented by homosexual demons is facing a prison term of up to five years.

    Addressing a Rome rally in July, Sabrina Guzzanti warmed up with a few gags about Silvio Berlusconi — her favourite target for her biting impressions — before moving on to some unrepeatable jokes about Mara Carfagna, the Equal Opportunities Minister and one-time topless model.

    But then she got religion, and after warning everyone that within 20 years Italian teachers would be vetted and chosen by the Vatican, she got to the punchline: “But then, within 20 years the Pope will be where he ought to be — in Hell, tormented by great big poofter devils, and very active ones, not passive ones.”

    The joke may have gone done well with her crowd on the Piazza Navona in Rome, but not with Italian prosecutors. She is facing prosecution for “offending the honour of the sacred and inviolable person” of Benedict XVI.

    The Christian world may have been dismayed, even outraged, at the Muslim reaction in 2005 to Danish cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammed, but Italian law enforcement appears to have had its own sense of humour failure. Giovanni Ferrara, the Rome prosecutor, is invoking the 1929 Lateran Treaty between Italy and the Vatican, which stipulates that an insult to the Pope carries the same penalty as an insult to the Italian President. Prosecution requires authorisation from the Ministry of Justice, for which Mr Ferrara has applied…..

    ….Dario Fo, the Nobel prize-winning playwright, said that applying the treaty more widely would even have led to the prosecution of Dante, since “he put a Pope in the Inferno as well, namely Boniface VIII”…..

  18. says

    Have fun kiddies!
    Gotta peddle eggs and snake oil early in the morning.

    Good night sweethearts!

    I want your eggs..

    wait was that dirty?

    No really i need to find someone with fresh eggs around here.

  19. nicknick bobick says

    There is currently no good place to put this, but here is a poll we might want to pharyngulate:

    “To what degree will religion play a part in your voting decision?”

    This is on the PBS Now site at

    Currently Big and Moderate degree are ahead of No degree 75% to 18%. Unbelievable for a PBS audience.

    I won’t be able to get back to PC until early evening tomorrow (PDT), so someone might want to copy this to another thread early tomorrow. Thanks.

  20. Robin says

    Voted. It is sad though that they don’t show the No Degree results on the front page where the vote link is. Big Degree is at 57%. No degree still 18%.

  21. Stwriley says

    Robin @ #35,

    It is odd that they don’t list the “No degree” as part of the initial bar graph, but it may just be a glitch (since it’s at the bottom of the list, which fits with the overall scheme.

  22. LightningRose says

    Religion *always* plays a big part in my voting decisions – I never vote for most delusional wankers.

  23. says

    I think the poll result can be interpreted thus: if you’re going to vote against the party that wants to bring religion into the schools or the government, then religion is playing a big part in your vote. It’s just a big, negative part.