Things to do in Denver…

People are asking what I plan to do this evening, now that I’m in lovely downtown Denver, and I don’t know yet! I’m giving a talk in the early afternoon, then early this evening, I’m going to dinner with the students, so … sometime mid-evening I’ll be free. What I’ll do today is talk to a few of the people at the talk and see if we can work something out, and I’ll put a notice here when I know, if I can.

Sorry to be so vague, but the organizers get first priority.

I wonder if we could find a bar where these guys are playing…


  1. says

    I’m just a sucker for ska. Even Christian ska. “He is like a mountie he always gets his man. And he’ll zap you any way he can. (zap)”. That’s awesome.

    BTW I quit b3ta a few years back after it ate the first year of my PhD. Thanks for chucking me off the waggon, PZed!

  2. Robert Thille says

    I got about 30 seconds into it but then realized that it wasn’t going to be a parody so I had to turn it off… please, more warning in the future.

  3. Kirk says

    Once I tried to run, I tried to run and hide. But Jesus came and found me, and he touched me down inside.

    Unfortunately, Jesus got off on a technicality.

  4. Martin Voelker says

    If food is also on your mind: I love Domo Restaurant, a celebrated Japanese place with a focus on country dining (not a Sushi place). Both ambience and food are unsurpassed (Zagat says so, too).
    See you to film the event at noon!

  5. says

    I went to a sleep and circadian rhythms conference in Denver in 2005. There’s a great bar with something like 70 beers on tap (yes, tap!) and they let you sample the beers for free.

    Can’t remember the exact location, but it’s down in the bar district. Ask around, I’m sure people will know what you’re talking about.

  6. Marsha says

    Sorry ’bout the weather here. I think a certain individual and his friends must have prayed for rain while you were here.

    But I may have to smack you around a bit for getting that song stuck in my head. :)

  7. says

    @spgreenlaw: You hate ska!! You intolerant fundamentalis!!. Desmond Dekker died for you!!! If you don’t love ska what is to stop you killing babies?!1
    I will skank for you.

    (Tragic as it is that I have to make the explicit, the above was a joke)

  8. Schmeer says

    I read your comment as “I went to sleep in a circadian rhythms conference..” I was thoroughly distracted by the anticipation of the word “beer” in your post.

  9. Llauraa says

    There are some great Mormon Temples in the area, you might be interested in fellowship with them. They are not your mainline Christians that are discussed on the blog.

  10. Nerd of Redhead says

    Llauraa appears to be a few eggs (about 11) short of a dozen. Keep showing the stupidy girl.

  11. says

    No, do it! Go to the Mormon church, score some magic underpants and the nail them to a copy of Dianetics or something. The cracker thing isn’t going to keep bringing in the advertising cash forever.

  12. Epinephrine says

    They are not your mainline Christians that are discussed on the blog.

    So they prefer skin-popping?

  13. ennui says

    If you think that’s bad, check out this.

    FWIW, the bar with the 70+ beers was probably Old Chicago, at 14th and Market St. (pizza place/sports bar).

    The Rockies are in town, but the weather will keep the crowds down. I humbly suggest My Brother’s Bar, at 15th St. and Platte.

  14. says

    @Matt Heath

    Just for that lip, I’ve gone and put a nail through a copy of The Mighty Mighty Bosstone’s Devil’s Night Out. To the trash heap with you, Dicky!


  15. says

    These funnies need to stop getting posted. I’m trying to work here! How am I supposed to get anything done with all this stuff to laugh at out there :-D

  16. druidbros says

    Dont you want to go to the absolutely horrible Casa Bonita? Its the same one that South Park parodied once….the food is bearly edible except for the sopapillas (which are great).

  17. Holbach says

    Matt Heath @ 3

    It is revealing how such pedestrian lyrics can be considered awesome. A PhD. only indicates the degree of learning, not taste or intelligence.

  18. says


    Holy guacamole. Thank you for that. I adore Christ-Kitsch. It’s the result of Catholic School. Singing nuns and badly colored saint statues and all that.

    Apparently, Jesus like one of those kids who would sit on my chest and spit in my eyes and make me cry “uncle” back in fourth grade.s

  19. ennui says

    with apologies to Trey and Matt…

    Llauraa was a Mormon girl
    dum dum dum dum dum
    her comments made me want to hurl
    dum dum dum dum dum…

  20. says

    Holbach: I was originally going to match you self-important snark with something like:

    “It should be obvious to all but the but the least sophisticated reader that my pleasure was at he high kitsch of the lyrics and not at the beautifully constructed poetry”

    but instead I’m going to take the high ground and just say “eat a bag of dicks, Holbach”

  21. Phil says

    Casa Bonita is the official hazing place of Denver. The only time people go there is to take people from out of town there. Seriously, I’ve never gone when it was just locals. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s turned people off mexican food for life.

    But yeah, the sopapillas are damn good.

  22. Holbach says

    Matt Heath @ 37

    The second sentence of my comment @ 34 only reinforces what your comment states. You are a disgrace to the doctoral level of learning. Your further comments will only verify that you are an aberration to your profession. You are pathetic with the lowest retorts that your unprofessional character can muster.

  23. Mr. Bad Example says

    The last two post titles are obscurely contradictory.

    I called up my friend Leroy on the phone;
    I said, Buddy, I’m afraid to be alone
    Cause I got some weird ideas in my head
    About things to do in Denver when you’re dead

    I was working on a steak the other day
    And I saw Waddy in the Rattlesnake cafe
    Dressed in black, tossing back a shot of rye
    Finding things to do in Denver when you die

    You won’t need a cab to find a priest
    Maybe you should find a place to stay
    Someplace where they never change the sheets
    And you just roll around Denver all day

    Now Leroy say there’s someplace you should know
    Not everybody has a place to go
    And home is just a place to hang your head
    And dream up things to do in Denver when you’re dead

  24. BJ says

    I know you’ve already been to the Wynkoop Brewing Co. (I had my picture taken with that tapestry too.) so I would recommend a trip to Pint’s. The name is unfortunate but it’s the best Brit-syle pub I’ve found in North America. They make their own beer on premises and have the largest selection of whisky I’ve seen anywhere. The staff were pleasant and knowledgeable. Two livers up!

  25. says

    See, the thing is, I was here minding my own business and you launched an unprovoked personal attack on me. It doesn’t matter that you are an established commenter here; that is still trolling. So yeah, you get sworn at.

    I never claimed that any degree I hold gave me any special abilities beyond the narrow area in which it deals (and I certainly don’t believe that it does) and yet you throw it my face like Karl Rove calling Obama an elitist.

    As for “unprofessional character”, I honestly don’t know what character traits I really need as a mathematician, and I don’t think you do either. I do know it sounds a lot like “P.Z. Myers rudeness towards religions is inappropriate in a professor”

    Anyway, if you want to reply again I shall probably let you have the last word. There are people on the internet wrong about much more important things than whether a love kitsch and swearing are appropriate to a functional analyst.

  26. says

    I agree with BJ about Pint’s but, surely, one can never go to the Wynkoop too many times. It’s also the site of Denver Cafe Sci meetups. You should call up immunologist JJ Cohen at UCHSC, keeper of the Denver CS flame (303-315-8898), as you may have met at other Cafe Sci events.

  27. Quiet_Desperation says

    The Enclave Club Dungeon is in Denver if you are in the mood for something other than vanilla. ;-)

  28. mathyoo says

    If food is also on your mind: I love Domo Restaurant, a celebrated Japanese place with a focus on country dining (not a Sushi place).

    I second that. I trained at the Aikido dojo attached to Domo for almost 10 years (until my daughter was born and time to get on the mat became difficult to come by), and have eaten at Domo many times. The food is amazing, and the atmosphere is very unique and beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s raining here in Denver, or you could sit outside in one of the most beautiful outdoor dining areas you’ll ever see. If you’re into that sort of thing, if you’re eating between 5:15 and 7pm tonight, you can stroll over to the Japanese country museum and watch an Aikido class. Tonight is weapons class, which can be pretty fun to watch.

    Also, it’s right across the street from the Auraria campus, where PZ is speaking.

  29. says

    The natural history museum is kind of fun. They have a lot of nice shinny rocks. I don’t know. We always just went for the malls, there being none in western colorado!

  30. Joel says

    Something to do online – There’s a local controversy one of our candidates for Sheriff who restored a 1986 Sheriff’s car some time ago and has been using it for parades. When he decided to run for Sheriff, he added “Gardner for Sheriff” to the side.

    Now a bunch of bone heads think that’s a major problem and there is a poll. Right now about 50 – 50. Brian Gardner, I’ve known him and his family for years, is a good, hard working law enforcement officer who’s worked his way up through the ranks in the Linn County Sheriff’s office and really doesn’t deserve this.

    I don’t see anything wrong with him owning this car and using it as a prop in his campaign. If you agree, would you mind?

    (It’s not really science related, but Brian’s a Democrat and it seems to be the conservative types making an issue of it.)

  31. Sparkomatic says

    Jebus PZ! Not before breakfast!
    That’s right up there with Lil Marky and it took months to get over that one.
    I gotta go listen to some Soundgarden…

  32. Stephanie says

    The Campus Crusade for Christ couldn’t convert me but this song was just powerful and moving it might just do the trick! :P Haha, I’m going to have nightmares now!

  33. says

    While I have watched the video–or some seconds of it–I’ve yet to muster the courage to turn on the sound.

    … And so I’d like to thank all the commenters here whose reactions warned me to push mute in the first place. Thanks for taking that bullet for the rest of us.

  34. Jonathan Cahill says

    Absolutely wonderful music video and quite tastefully done! Ranks right up there with other liturgical and chorale greats from the past, whether it be Handel’s oratorio “The Messiah” or Christmas carols from Kings’ College Choir!
    (Next time I’m out of Syrup of Ipecac, this video will “substitute” just fine!)

  35. Holbach says

    That is not my post @ 59

    And to the slime mold that posted that comment, it probably is due to your as yet undiagnosed cancer of the brain. PZ, are you cognizant that is not my post?

  36. LightningRose says

    PZ, as a 3rd generation Denverite, I’m offended by your insinuation that that band is local! They’re much more likely to be from Colorado Springs. :)

    How about we meet up someplace with Drag Queens instead? Infinitely more entertaining!

  37. Patricia says

    Holbach – Just got home with my movies, I can tell 59 isn’t yours. The moron left too many mistakes in it. Nice try troll.

  38. raven says

    There are some great Mormon Temples in the area, you might be interested in fellowship with them. They are not your mainline Christians that are discussed on the blog.

    Huh? My understanding is that one has to be member in good standing and have a pass from their bishop to enter a Mormon temple. As opposed to their churches which are different buildings.

    PZ isn’t going to qualify. Looks like he is going to have to party down with the JayDubs, AofGs, and Joels Army.

  39. Holbach says

    Patricia @ 67

    There is nothing like a crap cretin insinuating itself into an ongoing comments and causing erroneous venom. This is how blogging on worthwhile subjects(religion bashing) and science breaks down into needless and caustic crap. It’s so easy to do, even with the required affirmation of your e-mail address. I can be nasty, but that action is not my style as you know. Maybe the troll will suffer a subdural hematoma and leave it comatose, at the least.
    Anyway, what movies did you bring home?

  40. tintenfisch says

    Hey P.Z.,

    I was in Denver last March for a conference. There is an excellent Russian restaurant called “Red Square” that has an amazing selection of infused Vodkas. (No Christian Ska bands, though)

  41. Bride of Shrek OM says


    Sorry, can’t abide cruelty to children or, more aptly in this case, cruelty BY children.

    Actually I thought we were on to a winner of a song when they started to sing ‘I am a C…” but strangely they didn’t spell the rest of the word anywhere near how I thought it was going be spelt.

  42. Llauraa says

    I really liked that I am a Christian song by those kids. I hope they will grow up to be in the Mormon Tabenacle Choir.
    I think that the reason I am so nuts about the Mormons is their love of family. And, thier desire to remain pure, thats part of the reason for the magic underwear, it helps remind them their bodies are sacred and not just here for their own sexual gratification.

  43. ennui says

    And I love the Mormons for their magic decoder rocks, magic decoder hat, and attitudes toward African-Americans.

    dum dum dum dum dum…

  44. ennui says

    Oh, and I’ll take a godless slut any day over your ‘pure’ and repressed, magic-bloomers-wearin’ ilk.

    dum dum dum dum dum

  45. says

    Dammit, PZ, for posting the link to this video you deserve more hate mail than you got for the cracker follies. I hated it so much I will only listen to it eight more times.


    And I want a bass guitar like that.

  46. Kerry Maxwell says

    The band in that video (Sonseed) actually made The Five Blind Boys wish they were deaf too. And for anyone needing an antidote to that bizarro christian Devo video:

    Just turn up your speakers, lay your hands on your screen, and be healed.

  47. Michael P. C. says

    When im laying bed later tonight…and this song creeps into my head like i know it will….i shall blame you sir.

  48. may says

    ooh noes!!(ya like my americaspeak?)

    i’m commenting on this thread about the possibility of registration.

    please don’t.

    i know the trolls are a pestiferous abomination


    while there is no registration i can read and comment—no problem.

    a humble suggestion:

    why not have a troll register.
    then anyone with a blog like yours could look up the pests,
    see previous examples of their postings,
    trace their previous noms,
    make connections between various teams,duos,trios etc
    maybe even have a sort of Darwin Award for the worst.

    trit trot trit trot.

  49. Patricia says

    Holbach – I brought home three pieces of complete dreck. Starship Troopers 3, Stargate Continuom (?), for the grouch, and Dogma for me. Scooter says it’s a funny anti-religion film. I see it has Professor Snape and George Carlin in it. We’ll see if I think it’s funny too.

    So Llurra is a morman. HA! Thats a bigger hoax than Discordianism.