But I dislike McDonald’s!

This is horrible news. Some faction of the religious right has called for a boycott of McDonald’s fast-food — because they were a sponsor of the 2007 San Francisco gay pride parade. They claim it’s not about hiring homosexuals, or allowing homosexuals to eat at McDonald’s, or about how homosexual employees are treated, but is instead:

It is about McDonald’s, as a corporation, refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars. McDonald’s has chosen not to remain neutral but to give the full weight of their corporation to promoting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage.

Oh. They don’t object to homosexuals being served food in the restaurant, they just object to promoting civil rights for gay people in the whole dang culture at large. Homosexuals can have the right to consume greasy fast food and work at low wages, but that’s it, we’re drawing the line at allowing them to be treated as full human beings.

And this is horrible news because now I’m going to have to stop by my local McDonald’s and order something. Maybe it’s enough if I just get a diet Coke there.


  1. Matt says

    McDonald’s is okay. As demonstrated by its success in the free market, it produces quality food for a reasonable price.

    I have come to find it amusing a lot of liberals hate on McDonald’s as a source of distinction between their more wealthy selves and the poor.

  2. David says

    “It is about McDonald’s, as a corporation, refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars.”

    And yet if McDonald’s was against the “homosexual agenda”, they would be probably supporting McDonald’s.

  3. Fat Ronnie tha Clown says

    Can we have another post on microbiology like the one on Chordates please? I think the worst thing about Christian fundamentalists is that they get in the way of interesting sciencey posts on this blog.

  4. tsg says

    It’s the American Family Association who also boycotted Ford and Disney with no appreciable effect.

    McDonald’s has nothing to worry about.

  5. says

    That sounds an awful lot like “she didn’t remain neutral in the creation v. evolution issue.”

    I think I’m starting to learn fundiespeak:

    “neutral” = “on our side”

  6. Pahj says

    The phrase “culture wars” pisses me off. It’s basically code for “religious shitheads meddling in my life.”

  7. Benjamin Franklin says

    I’m lovin’ it! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  8. molecanthro says

    I despise McDonalds…after seeing McLibel and reading about treatment of animals, etc…
    However, this is nice to hear. And, I think, rather than going in to buy something, sending an email of support to their corporate office would probably be good. Companies get many angry letters when they do things wrong, but not so many when they do things right.

  9. Larry says

    Maybe I’m a little off the wall here, but I predict this boycott will be just as successful as the fundy boycott against Disneyworld for their allowing (gasp!) gays to visit their park.

    If McD’s food didn’t taste like warmed over grease with extra salt, I’d consider having lunch there.

  10. Graeme Elliott says

    The apple turnovers are OK. They’d be enough for a token gesture methinks….

  11. Matt Penfold says

    Like Nick I was amused to see the words Quality, Food and McDonalds used in the same sentence without qualifiers such as Will, Not and Find.

    If McDonalds serve quality food then the Discovery Insitute do excellent science.

  12. clinteas says

    McD gave 20000 bucks to the gay parade,which,as others have calculated,is about a 1000th of a percent of their yearly income,so really,not worth mentioning….

    Unless,you are a religulous right-wing fundie of course,then it somehow becomes an issue.
    I find it rather hilarious how this is made into a huge issue,and from reading blog and news article comments,it would seem that this might turn out to be a good marketing plot for Mackers in the end,lose a few fundies,win lots of non-fundies……

  13. Kseniya says

    McDonald’s is okay. As demonstrated by its success in the free market, it produces quality food for a reasonable price.

    Good lord. Another paeon to The Almighty Market.

    Matt, have you ever actually been to McDonald’s? The food is edible, yes – but quality? No. Reasonably priced? Ehh. A good value for your money? No. You typically get more, and better, food for your money at your local independent sub shop.

    Furthermore, I suggest you feast your eyes on a film called Super-Size Me.

  14. aiabx says

    Up here in Canada, you can get adequate salads, wraps and non-breaded grilled chicken sandwiches at McDonalds. Buy one of those and you’ll also be rewarding them for providing healthier food than they did in the past.

  15. Dianne says

    No, sorry, can’t do it, not even to annoy the fundies. I worked at McDs when I was a high school student trying to get enough money together to go to college. (Didn’t work per se but it did convince the financial aid office that yes, I really was poor.) Anyway, while the hygiene standards at least at the McDonald’s I worked at were, at the time, higher than you might expect, I’m afraid I developed a long lasting aversion to the place.

  16. Jason Failes says

    Just because the fundamentalists hate it, doesn’t mean we have to like it, or eat there.

    McDonald’s can simultaneously be a socially responsible equal-opportunity employer & supporter of human rights and still make greasy salty food that will give you the runs in the short term and a heart attack in the long term….and we all care about you too much to see you go out that way, PZ.

    Fat Ronnie @ 6: “Can we have another post on microbiology like the one on Chordates please?”

    I had no idea this was an all-request blog. Does it have a drive-through window? Um, PZ, I’ll have a discussion of cephalopod evolution, no pickles, no fundies. Sure I’ll have fries with that…

  17. MRL says

    If you have to get fast food, get White Castle. At least it’s easier to control your portions there.

    Oh yeah, or Nathan’s! They actually have legitimately good french fries, and some really good hot dogs. Corn dogs are horrible for you, but don’t taste half bad either.

  18. Prof MTH says

    I would not label this a “culture war”. It is a battle between equality for all and religious bigotry.

  19. says

    Well, I guess it’s time to look for another traffic spike. Every time something like this comes out in the media, I get plenty of hits from people that can’t type.

    More on topic, I have one friend that is terrified of the “homosexualization” of our culture. He actually buys into the “slippery slope” argument that once we allow basic rights like marriage, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump to people having sadomasochistic sex with donkeys in the public schools.

    I like the guy, but sometimes he makes my brain hurt. Outside of things like this, he actually laments the state of institutionalized religion, and can carry on reasoned debate. He’s much farther to the right wing than me, but on most things, I can see how he could get there. We’ve actually had constructive debates on things like evolution and abiogenetic theory, and he’s shown a willingness to think hard.

    Throw in the gay folk though, and he starts gibbering a bit.

  20. stevogvsu says

    Huzzah! Now I actually have an excuse to slowly kill myself by consuming horrendous McDonald’s food. BTW, since WHEN have social conservatives wanted outside forces to remain neutral in their “culture war”?!?!?!?

  21. S. Fisher says

    Sick hate-filled bastards with nothing better to do than to break the Golden Rule of their own religion.

  22. Kseniya says

    Speaking of unhealthy yet pervasive food, did anyone see the piece in the New York Times today about cholesterol drugs for kids as young as eight? This national health issue is one of the gifts of the free market. Imagine how much worse it might be without the interference of a gummint agency like the FDA.

    And in other news, the U.S. Senate approves the bill expanding Federal wire-tapping powers and granting immunity to telecom companies…

  23. Tsugradstudent says

    Let the fundies support Bolthouse Farms and I’ll support McDonalds (as much as I can stand to be in there-the local one here is just terrible). I’ll go buy myself a drink and tell them I appreciate their stance in the “culture wars”.

  24. andyo says

    It’s delicious crap though.

    I wonder why we evolved to like delicious crap and not insipid healthy food.

    On the other hand, another against a benevolent god I guess. Damn prankster god is what he is.

  25. Michelle says

    McChickens and McNuggets are okay when consumed with moderation! ;) Culture war… There’s no culture war. Idiots have lost. Common sense has won. Give up, it’s ok to have sex and to *eye rolls* marry with anyone you want. Though the marriage part I still don’t understand why gays want to get married. I don’t understand why heteros want to either.

    Oh and PZ, perhaps some ice cream instead? On a hot day, it’s great no matter where you get it.

  26. Kseniya says

    stevogvsu #27 – Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I didn’t see any homophobic fundie wingnust bashing Boy Scouts of America for its lapse of neutrality. Heh.

  27. says

    I don’t dislike McDonald’s for some ideological reason. I just don’t like their food, which always seems a bit too slimy and salty to me.

  28. JoJo says

    I have come to find it amusing a lot of liberals hate on McDonald’s as a source of distinction between their more wealthy selves and the poor.

    I can’t speak for other liberals, but my objection to Micky D is their greasy food. McDonalds’ french fries (oops, sorry, I mean freedom fries, since I’m discussing this with a conservative) taste good because they’re cooked in oil to which beef fat is added. Sure, I love the taste of McDonalds’ french freedom fries. And my cardiologist probably loves them too, because they ensure he’ll have a new Lexus next year.

    Sorry, Matt, but you erected a strawman and then ineptly shot it down.

  29. Nick Gotts says

    I wonder why we evolved to like delicious crap and not insipid healthy food. – andyo

    We evolved to like sugar, fat and salt because they are all excellent things to seek out when they are in short supply. Sugar means ripe fruit, fat means lots of calories and essential nutrients, NaCl is essential to life and often hard to get (think salt licks)! McDonald’s and other junk food sellers are now, in effect, kleptoparasites exploiting these evolved preferences.

  30. Brian K. says

    The religious right wants McDonalds to remain neutral in the culture wars, but wants places like WalMart to shout Merry Christmas out to everybody in the store, then complain that when some people just aren’t celebrating that holiday, they’re shouted down as starting an entire war against the holiday?

    I don’t understand their argument here.
    Then again, why should I understand the arguments of the religious right?

    To add to the culinary part of the thread, that Southern Style Chicken Biscuit isn’t bad. I still prefer the Chic-Fil-A one though, despite their closed on Sunday policy.

  31. says

    Hmm… While McDonalds didn’t really help out much with the funding, they still did the right thing. It’s been a long time since I last ate there, but I think I could stand to walk by (never going to drive to a fast food place if I don’t have to, and there is one sort of in walking distance) and get a thing or two off their 99 cent menu today.

    I know it’s about the worst thing to eat from the 99 cent menu, but I do enjoy the double cheeseburger and could stand buying one again since McDonalds did help out something I support just a little bit.

  32. yttrai says

    I can’t say that it’s particularly good quality, but their salads are only $5. There is NOWHERE around here with that sort of value, not even the per pound salad bar at the grocery stores. And for someone who travels a lot, knowing where one can find a meal for $5 is significant.

    Again, reward them for having items that aren’t 100 % bad for you.

  33. Nick Gotts says

    He actually buys into the “slippery slope” argument that once we allow basic rights like marriage, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump to people having sadomasochistic sex with donkeys in the public schools.
    Oh, we had that on Thursday afternoons, right after the two-minute hate aimed at Milton Friedman, and leading up to the ritual slaughter of a newborn baby.

  34. Jose says

    If you don’t think McDonald’s is quality food, you haven’t lived in England. Do you want a Cheese Burger, or a Slime pie?

  35. says

    For the right wing to boycott McDonald’s, which many of its members eat regularly, if not daily (hence the obesity problem in the Bible Belt), after discovering that many of its members also suffered under “welfare reform” and initiatives to eliminate “no-fault divorce,” would be a losing proposition.

    They’re not the “slow and steady, cook-from-scratch” folk that they portray themselves to be.

  36. David says

    Get breakfast. The new “Premium” coffee is nasty but a lot of the sandwiches and platters are quite nice, as are the hash browns.

  37. Lilly de Lure says

    Jose said:

    If you don’t think McDonald’s is quality food, you haven’t lived in England. Do you want a Cheese Burger, or a Slime pie?

    IIRC Nick Gotts and Matt Penfold do hail from England, or at least the UK, as do I.

    However, as I currently reside in a country that boasts the Deep Fried Mars Bar as one of it’s culinary inventions I’ll acknowledge that I at least am in no position to lob bricks at either the taste or wholesomeness of McDonalds’s gastronomic output.

  38. Matt Penfold says

    Lilly is correct, I do live in the UK but unlike Lilly (and I think Nick, if he is the Nick Gotts you get when you google the name) I do not live in Scotland.

    If by “slime pie” you mean steak and kidney pie, done well it is one of the best things in the world to eat, although I would argue steak and kidney pudding is better (same thing, only with suet pastry). Fish and chips done well is also superb, and even the French are forced to admit roast beef with all the trimmings is good stuff. And we do make the best puddings in the world, another thing the French will admit to under duress.

  39. says

    #23: “If you have to get fast food, get White Castle. At least it’s easier to control your portions there.”

    Not once they arrive at your colon!

    Does McDonald’s sell gift cards? PZ, you could get one of those and give it to someone who does enjoy McD’s, and let them huff the utility meat of their choice. But the breakfast hash browns are also a tasty alternative.

  40. jj says

    “it produces quality food for a reasonable price. ”
    What? I wouldn’t call that quality food… I haven’t been inside a McD’s in about 7 years, I’m with you, PZ, I think I stop in and get a coke.

    And if you ever around SF for pride, no matter your orientation, I suggest checking it out, it’s crazy.

  41. timplausible says

    Remember, you can pick up a bag of apple slices or an over-sugared yogurt-and-fruit parfait with your Coke. And a side salad. Or go in for breakfast, get orange juice and a bagel with cream cheese. Grease is plentiful at McD’s, but not omnipresent.

  42. says

    The Southwest Chicken Salad isn’t bad. It’s nothing special, but the Paul Newman dressing tastes good and it won’t clog your arteries like the burgers.

  43. baley says

    Healthy tasty reasonably priced? WTF are you saying Matt?

    If I were to take my shoes and make a hamburger out of them it would probably taste better!

    My theory is that people want convenience and will pay any price to get it. In England you see tons of junk food “restaurants” but that’s not the case in Italy its simply a matter of taste/eating culture that does not exist in the USA and UK.

  44. Matt Penfold says

    I just to want to add I have nothing against burgers in general. Done well, made with good quality meat, cooked on the BBQ and served in a bun that is not over-sweet they are superb.

  45. SeanH says

    McDonald’s and other junk food sellers are now, in effect, kleptoparasites exploiting these evolved preferences.

    Please. They sell people things they want just like every other business in history. They aren’t any more “kleptoparasites” than clothing manufacturers are for exploiting our evolved hairlessness.

    With the reasoning ability usually on display around here I’m kind of disappointed at the uncritical McDonald’s bashing. I’m not talking about criticizing the quality, but Spurlock intentionally eats the largest portions of the least healthy menu items available for a month and that’s supposed to prove the entire restaurant’s terrible? He’d have had the same results eating huge portions of the worst things available at Whole Foods. I’d think skeptics, of all people, would wonder how McDonald’s is at fault because Spulock preferred sensationalism to eating something like a grilled chicken sandwich, small salad, and iced tea.

  46. Suze says

    You can get a very decent salad at McDonalds, with grilled chicken and Newman’s Own dressing, for next to nothing. Or a big soft-serve ice cream cone for a buck. There’s nothing at McDonalds that you can’t find at Krogers — most people “supersize” via their grocery store, not fast food joints.

    I don’t think these nuts are going to be heading to BK — home of the deviant SpongeBob kid meal toys!

  47. Nick Gotts says

    jose@44 If you’re going to eat out in England (or Scotland or Wales), and you don’t share Matt Penfold’s strange tastes, go for the ethnic restaurants – as a non-tetropodophage, Italian and Indian are my favourites (the “Indian” are actually mostly Bangladeshi, of which the Balti restaurants in Birmingham are best, but the south Indian ones in London are particularly good), but Chinese, Turkish, Thai, Greek, Japanese are all good as well.

  48. Matt Penfold says

    Strange Tastes ? Moi ?

    I am not the one who comes from a country where they eat minced lamb insides all stuffed into a lamb’s stomach! :)

    Actually I rather like haggis. But then I like black pudding as well. If some of you do not know what that is, and you are prone to being a bit quesy, please, do not try to find out.

  49. scote says

    So, since the American Family Association just wants companies “to remain neutral in the culture wars” then one can assume they will next target companies that support anti-abortion groups?? Oh, wait, they are lying. Big surprise.

  50. John Robie says

    “Liberal hate” on Mcdonald’s is a myth – smart people tend to hate McDonalds in greater numbers than ignorant people (for its unhealthy food and its cultural homogenization) and smart people tend to be more liberal than ignorant people. That doesn’t mean, however, that people hate Mcdonalds BECAUSE they’re liberal.

    Also, I particularly hate the term “culture war,” not just because it’s impossible for these followers of the “Prince of Peace” to conceive of anything in terms besides war, but also because there would be no conflict if they just kept their idiocy to themselves and didn’t keep trying to oppress others with it.

  51. says

    And this is horrible news because now I’m going to have to stop by my local McDonald’s and order something. Maybe it’s enough if I just get a diet Coke there.

    Bummer. At least BK has a veggie burger. Maybe just order a small chicken McNuggets and distribute to the pigeons outside?


  52. says

    I don’t like Mc Donalds because of the burger and foods, my mom makes a far better burger. The only thing I like about it is the french fries, which is the best fries, in my opinion.

  53. Damian says

    Jose said:

    If you don’t think McDonald’s is quality food, you haven’t lived in England. Do you want a Cheese Burger, or a Slime pie?

    I take it that you haven’t lived here for a very long time? London is without question the food capital of the world, these days. In fact, pretty much all of the best French chefs now work here, and you will find that some of the most innovative chefs in the world are now actually British.

    I guess that it will take some time before that particular meme dies away, but the fact is that it hasn’t been true for more than a decade.

    Even within 20 miles of the small town where I live (in the North of England), there are several excellent restaurants serving not only classical dishes from other countries, but also the best of British food which has had a real revival in recent years.

    Sorry for the rant. This sort of thing just pisses me off, though, as it simply isn’t true.

  54. Hap says

    Diet Coke is a profit driver, and if you don’t mind aspartame it’s like a donation to MD. Ice cream isn’t bad, either, as someone else said. I never really trusted their salads, and their fruit and yogurt things are blah.

    My insides revolt at the mention of White Castle.

  55. Matt Penfold says

    I used to work at a McDonalds when I was doing my A-Levels. One day the store manager had a tour of the meat processing factory that produced the burgers for the UK. He never touched another burger after that.

  56. matt says

    I have a pageoftext.com page somewhere (i forgot the name) about all the gay-friendly companies there are, that I pulled from somewhere. At the conclusion of the “rant,” the author concludes that for conservatives to avoid gay-friendly companies, they would have to rely on manna from God to subsist in the modern world. Even Coors has a pretty solid rating by some pro-gay group.

  57. Eli says

    Well, you know how it is with us LGBTQ folk… we’re seeking world domination one overly-salted french fry at a time. All that salt will raise your blood pressure, so one of these times when you straight, cisgendered folk get so riled up about us daring to have rights, you’ll have a coronary.


  58. dveej says

    People, people!! You don’t have to buy the diet coke or the utility meat!

    McDonalds sells orange juice!!

    And it’s quite nice, actually.

  59. dwilton says

    If you want to express support for McDonald’s, ordering a Diet Coke (or any soda) may be the best way to do it. That’s the highest-margin item on the menu and they make more money (percentage-wise) on that than anything else (soda carries a ridiculously high markup).

    So by buying a soda, you’re stretching your dollar of support to the utmost.

  60. Matt Penfold says

    I wonder what the religious right in America would make of the fact that the Ministy of Defence here in the UK has given the OK for gay members of the armed forces to march in gay pride rallys in uniform. They are even going to have recruitment stalls at some gay pride events this summer.

  61. MH says

    When it comes to fast food, you can’t beat sushi. Here in Aberdeen (Scotland) I can get a selection of maki-zushi and miso soup for the same price as a ‘happy meal’. It’s better quality, more interesting, and healthier. For a good, hearty, local fast food, you can’t beat stovies and oat-cakes.

    Back to burgers, though, is it common knowledge in the U.S. that In-N-Out Burger puts references to the Bible on their packaging? I was perhaps more surprised than I should have been when I read about the practice.

  62. SLC says

    Actually, McDonalds has a pretty good and extensive breakfast menu. One can get a good breakfast there for a reasonable price.

  63. richCares says

    after reading this blog, I headed for McD’s, my first visit in years, had their breakfast muffin, I didn’t care for the taste but loved breaking the boycott.

    why do these fundies have a need to enforce god’s rule, is their god too weak to do his own enforcing?

  64. ZacharySmith says


    If you drink coffee, get McDonald’s coffee. It’s actually not bad at all.

    I also like Egg McMuffins, but eat them only occasionally. Gotta watch that cholesterol.

  65. ThePetey says


    Now I need to quit my job as a chemical engineer and go work at McDonald’s with the other homos. I wonder if we will have our gay orgies in the walk in?

    At least I get to spit on Fundies’ burgers.

  66. Barron says

    If this had been written in 1963:

    It is about McDonald’s, as a corporation, refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars. McDonald’s has chosen not to remain neutral but to give the full weight of their corporation to promoting the colored agenda, including interracial marriage.

    I love that one side of the “culture wars” sees as its enemies people supporting equal rights. Makes picking sides pretty easy imho.

  67. davem says

    There is, after all, that old joke:

    “Did you know that McDonalds have sold their billionth burger?”

    “….and ordered their second cow…”

    Sums it up, really. Their coffee is tolerable.

  68. Longtime Lurker says

    Of course McDonald’s has been promoting “teh gay ajenduh”. I checked my thesaurus (which ate coconuts before The Fall), and found out that “gay” and “happy” are synonyms. McDonald’s has been selling Happy Meals to children since 1979. GAY MEALS!!! For CHILDREN!!! With TOYS!!!


    Oh, and black pudding is totally the best meat product of all. I am in NY, and can get some good Irish products. The Puerto Rican morcilla is also very good, but tragically, I can’t find any Italian deli that sells Sanguinaccio in my neck of the woods.

  69. Andreas Johansson says

    So, to summarize this thread, everything on the McD menu is at least decent, ‘xcept the actual burgers.

  70. Interrobang says

    Sorry, you couldn’t pay me to eat at McDonald’s, even if every fundie in the universe hates their guts. The food is terrible, even their so-called healthier alternatives are full of fat and empty of taste (I don’t seem to have that thing that so many people have where greasy = “tastes good”). Also if instead of walking up five blocks to the McDonald’s, I walk to the corner, I can go to the local Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall (independent and family-run). Once I’m there, I can get a genuinely tasty and nutritious meal that’ll leave me groaningly full for the same price as a McD’s wormburger, fries, and drink. By doing so, I’m also supporting local small business, sticking my thumb in the eye of nasty transnational corporations, and eating more healthily to boot.

    As demonstrated by its success in the free market, it produces quality food for a reasonable price.

    These must be some strange definitions of “quality” and “reasonable” with which I am unaware; as in synonymous with “crap” and “overpriced,” respectively.

  71. Andreas Johansson says

    I do find it odd that so many people who have no trouble with eating meat, eggs, etc find the thought of blood food so repellent.

  72. Leon says

    No, PZ, get one of their ice cream cones! Out here in CA at least, they’re actually low-fat. That’s all I ever go to McDonald’s for.

  73. Julius Hundredmark says

    I had one of McDonald’s new 99-cent chicken sandwiches recently and thought it was quite good. I’d certainly rather have three of them than one 3-dollar Chick-fil-A sandwich (Chick-fil-A sandwiches are excellent but the company is owned by an anti-abortionist YEC).

  74. Canuck says

    I don’t like MacDonalds because of the food (it’s shit), the advertising (pressures parents to placate their children), and it takes money out of the local economy that would be staying if you ate at the local mom and pop establishments. I swore a vow in November of 1980 that I would never eat at a MacDonalds again as long as I lived. It’s been an easy vow to keep. I’ve been in one twice since, both times to have a piss. I’ve since added Burger King and other fast food places to the ban. I’ve got the same feelings about Walmart. Locally owned and run stores, please.

  75. Nick Gotts says

    Matt Penfold@62
    Well, as it happens I’m an Englishman living in Scotland, and I’ve only ever eaten vegetarian haggis – OK, but nothing to get excited about. Scotland is currently the heart attack capital of western Europe I believe (to which the diet certainly contributes along with the booze and fags*), but there’s been some recent improvement due to the ban on smoking in enclosed public places.

    * Brit slang for cigarettes.

  76. Martin Jonsson says

    Am I the only skeptic working at a Mcdonald’s? I should add that i work in Sweden and not in the states, we have a higher minimum wage system. I’ve worked at Mcd for almost a year now, and I find working with people within your age group is a lot of fun. I’m trying to find a better paying job, but you get lazy searching for jobs when you are employed. I am still young so i want to work and travel a bit before i go back to school.

    I also find the breakfast menu most satisfying. The burgers are pretty booring and the chicken is not really that great either.

  77. Matt Penfold says


    I used to work at McDonalds, back in the late 80s when I doing my A-Levels. I only worked part-time, and very rarely was working when the breaksfast menu was on. Salads and the like were not availible back then. At the time I used to like the Cheese 1/4 pounders. When I last ate at a McDonald’s, (some two years ago when I had 30 minute wait for a train, was starving, it was pouring with rain and the McDonalds was opposite the station) I had one. It was vile. Salty, greasy and sweet.

  78. beagledad says

    How have we come to the point where eating at McD’s can be promoted as a progressive act? Yikes.

  79. says

    I hope this time the power of boycott fails. Though I think it will for the simple reason that McDonalds is so ingrained in our society that even a few religious nutjobs boycotting it will not be enough to have an impact on any profit margins. Which is great because it means I won’t have to eat it’s horrible horrible food in order to counter those homosexuality-obsessed fools.

  80. Rob says

    Aw man…The AFA strikes (or boycotts) again. Now I’ll have to eat CrapDonald’s out of spite.

    This’ll end like every other boycott they’ve launched.

  81. JJR says

    So, what, all the fundie lard-asses will trundle over to Wendy’s to avoid Teh Gay from now on?

    It’s interesting to look at before/after photos of Mike Huckabee. That dude lost some poundage to make himself photogenic for his presidential primary run!

  82. Robert Thille says

    Does supporting Gay Rights offset supporting the 2008 Chinese Olympics and by that China’s suppression of Tibet?

  83. Nicole says

    Did anyone else giggle at the use of the term “full weight” in reference to McDonalds?

    I admit, I get a chicken-sandwich-and-fries craving after workouts and have been known to stop there when I cave in to it. Afterwards, I do feel like a full weight has been loaded on…

    Gay agenda? OMG call a Code Rainbow!! (with reference to Lewis Black…)

  84. Henry Harrison says

    When it comes down to Jesus or McDonald’s, I’m a Big Mac eatin’ mother fucker.

  85. Stephanie says

    Several years ago, they were calling for a boycot of McDonald’s and Disney because Disney was allowing homosexual couples to have insurance benefits.
    My seriously right-winged sister was trying to convince my seriously left-winged sister to support this boycot. The left-winged sister said “Do you want to explain to your two nieces why they can’t have a Hercules happy meal?” And that largely ended the fight.
    Stupid. Just stupid.

  86. says

    Agreed the food is awful and they support many bad things, but I have been encouraging folks to stop in, buy a drink and tell the manager you are there because of their stance on equal rights for gay folk. Now to find a place on the AFA site to tell them the same thing. Oh, wait! All those letters on the sidebar of the boycott site – are they auto-generated somehow? Because if they are, then personal notes of support for McD’s would also show up there if you put them in the web form…hmmm…

  87. says

    “It is about McDonald’s, as a corporation, refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars.”

    And yet AFA are unwilling to hold themselves to the same standard. Those in glass houses…

  88. Mark Pallen says

    As a stray factoid, you might like to know that the McDonalds in his home town Shrewsbury has a stained glass window containing an illustration of Charles Darwin. Sadly, the likeness is not particularly good, but it’s the thought that counts! I can’t imagine them getting away with that in the Bible belt of the US!!!

  89. says

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