1. Rachel says

    I suggest an Akubra hat from Australia. I have a special place in my libido for Australian men… :-D

  2. Snitzels says

    Organizations involved: Students for Freethought at Ohio State, Omnipresent Atheists, Secular Student Alliance, Cincinnati Atheists, Cleveland Freethinkers

    Whoa… I thought godless Ohioans were a hidden myth, like Bigfoot and Nessie… This sounds like a fantastic event! Thanks for sharing :) :) :)

  3. says

    Not an athiest, but

    “I’d rather laugh with the sinners
    than cry with the saints. The sinners
    are much more fun.”

  4. ennui says

    This event is on a Saturday. If they hold the event on a Wednesday (atheist orgy night) they might increase the turnout.

  5. ildi says

    Well, technically, Westerville, but close enough for government work.

    Meanwhile, I’m heading out to the one event that makes it worthwhile to live in Columbus: Comfest! Spikedrivers are playing tonight, and I’m volunteering at the Jazz stage beer booth on Sunday.

  6. Chris (in Columbus) says

    Aaah! That’s me! That’s in my town! Nothing cool ever happens here…I’m so excited! :-)

  7. Chris (in Columbus) says

    ildi and nickythegreek — me too! This is the best weekend of the year in Columbus Ohio! :-)

  8. Fred Mounts says

    Woo hoo! Something cool in CBus. Of course, did any of you other central Ohioans read The Other Paper article about the church lighthouse on I-71? Apparently the proprietor build a lighthouse because steeples are phallic shaped!

  9. Laila says

    Damn, I’m going to Columbus for college (eek!) next year, but I’ll be there in late September. Why couldn’t they have the party later so all the college students can come?

    … or maybe they don’t want the college students coming. Fair enough, I suppose.

  10. John says

    Well I hope they want college students coming, considering I am one. :P

    I go to OU, but I won’t have gone back down to Athens until a few weeks later.

    And ComFest is overrated. Just a bunch of hippies trying to get you to sign petitions.

    Of course, I type that having just come back from the first day…

  11. zufton says

    Athiests may have the smartest conversations but gays throw the best parties!

  12. dNorrisM says

    I didn’t make it down there last night but will today. (It’s kinda cute to see the “Free Tibet” booth (nearly) next to the “Mao more than ever” booth)

    RE: Fred Mounts @12. Yes, the irony is thick with the lighthouse church. Oh well, as Benjamin Franklin said: “Lighthouses are more useful than churches.”

    PS: Did anyone see that big line transformer blow up ~15 years ago? Some say it was a lightning strike, but it happened while my friend Willy was wiring up a tent. Coincidence?