Last chance Pharyngufest in Las Vegas

Sastra, OM is organizing a meetup for all the Pharynguloids here at TAM6, or just in the general area. We’re meeting at 6:00 in the buffet restaurant here at the Flamingo — come on by, talk with us all, watch me shuffle out the door to catch a late-night flight to Minneapolis.


  1. Steve says

    “Ohio board votes to ax teacher accused of branding Christian cross”

    Freshwater was fired. But only only was he preaching religion and branding his students with crosses, but “Other findings show that Freshwater taught that carbon dating was unreliable to argue against evolution.”

    He’s a science teacher! If he didn’t brand his students with a cross he’d still be free teaching pseudoscience.

  2. says

    Can we use this post to bash Ken Ham as well? I was really enjoying that. Let’s not place a premature moratorium on the aesthetic momentum so soon.

  3. Holbach says

    “Shuffle out the door”? Ha!, I figured there was a stretcher at the door!

  4. Nicole says

    @ #7… Done.

    Did you note at the bottom of that post regarding support for the Federal Marriage Amendment, “Please note: No presumptuous comments accusing me of religious bigotry and hatred will be posted. Those are just so boring and intellectually dull.”

    Well I apologize for all those that I have bored with my dull opinion on individual rights. Sheesh, who could possibly STAND that stuff!

  5. Graham says

    I love reading Pharyngula, and Im no less a flaming atheist than PZ, but the constant repetition of all that stuff above is a bit undergraduate. When facing the religous we need to show we have set the intellectual bar a little higher than that. It makes it too easy to quote out of context.

  6. says

    #7 and #9

    The poll currently stands at 52 votes, all for “California finally got it right…”

    There are zero comments. I’m betting that none made it through moderation. Too “boring and intellectually dull”, I’m sure.

  7. Kim says

    Yeah, tomorrow, PZ will torment some people at the Evolution meeting with his faith bashing…..

  8. windy says

    Christians don’t need to “get Smart”, they are already there.

    “Would you believe in Yahweh, the personal God who created everything in six days? No? Would you believe in an ineffable God that’s love? No? How about God as a metaphor for the totality of the Universe?”

    Or biblical prophecies: “Missed it by that much!

  9. George E. Martin says

    For me it was either the Randi dinner or meet up with PZ at a buffet restaurant. Bad timing for the pharyngufest.


  10. Screechy Monkey says

    By the way, folks, don’t believe that nasty rumor that us immoral atheists tried to get into the buffett without paying. It was all a misunderstanding. Or Phil’s fault.

  11. says

    Shoot. I’ve been hoping to get to a Pharyngula meet up for a long time. I always seem to be out of town when PZ comes to Seattle. So I show up at TAM6, get a personal invitation from Sastra, and it ends up I have prior commitments. One of these days though. . .

  12. says

    Don’t worry, Iron Soul, I flew from Seattle to TAM6 and still missed my chance. Ah, well…it was wonderful to hear you speak, PZ, and hopefully you’ll be back for Phil-Bashing ’09.