Email problems

I’m having some difficulties with my lab server, difficulties that I can’t sort out right now since I’m going to be leaving town for a week and a half. Unfortunately, this is also the server that handles mail coming in to my and addresses — so if you’ve sent stuff to me there in the last few days, it is now hiding somewhere in dev/null, I think. Resend it to if it’s important! And especially, if you sent submissions for the Tangled Bank to, that email is temporarily dead, so try again to my gmail address.

Sorry about all that. Skatje’s weblog is also inaccessible right now, so I might be able to convince her to go in and straighten it all out while I’m away, but otherwise it’s going to have to wait until mid-June.


  1. PGE says

    Good thing the null device has infinite space! A property that also makes it ideal for storing backups.

  2. Lana says

    Gee. I wish I had something important enough to e-mail to PZ’s gmail account. I’ll keep it just in case.

  3. themadlolscientist says

    What? PZ is playing hooky? Horrors! Oh, and someone check the TARDIS for his lost e-mail in the mean time. It’s bigger inside than outside, y’know.

  4. says

    Good thing the null device has infinite space!

    Actually, no, it doesn’t. This is a common misconception. The bit bucket must be emptied every now or then, or else it eventually overflows, spilling bits over the computer’s innards and onto the floor. Pee Zed probably left it too long, and now has puddles of bits gumming up the works.

  5. DLC says

    “mummy, how do you put the ‘lectricity back in the hole in the wall?”
    I guess someone at the Myers household or office will have to get out the bit-mop.

    Mailer-Daemon: Epic Fail.