1. negentropyeater says

    I discovered my mother was an atheist when I was 16.
    Then I asked her, “why did you send me to church classes then ?”.
    She replied “I thought you might want to learn these things and you’d be capable to decide for yourself. Anyway, you don’t have to believe in God to find something interesting in the Bible.”
    Smart mother.

  2. alex says

    i nearly went panicked at the thought of forgetting mother’s day until i realised we’ve already had it this year in Britain.
    deary me.

  3. Tushar says

    Hi guys,

    My first post here! Could I be permitted to ask an unrelated question on this thread? If this comment does get past the moderation, here goes:

    As an Indian living in Australia (and as atheist as one can allowed to be) I have always wondered if the impact of religion and specifically, Christianity, in USA is overstated. Inspite of all the unscientific and frankly weird beliefs that are reportedly widespread in USA, US continues to lead the world in technological, scientific, engineering and medicinal development and advancement (with perhaps, the exception of stem cell research – am I right?). I have been baffled by this myself but I attribute this to, taking the words of Richard Dawkins here, some amazing ‘compartmentalization’ in the mind of Americans. What are your thoughts about this?

    I do, however, worry for the current generation of children who will be forced to visit that Creationist Museum. That should be closed down in my opinion.

  4. ChemBob says

    Does anyone remember a zip code that will work for the broadcast? I had one somewhere, but can’t find it.

  5. ChemBob says

    Thanks PZ.

    BTW, I met Phil Plait 2 evenings ago, he gave a talk at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, in Bloomfield Hills, MI. As he was signing my copy of Bad Astronomy, I told him that my only criticism of his talk was that it “had no squids in it. Everything is improved by a Cephalopod.” He chuckled and told me that the first part of what I said was correct and the second part was completely wrong. When he signed my book he said “I’m sorry to hear you’re a PZ fan but I forgive you since you bought this book.” Very amiable and fun person; enjoyable talk.

  6. says

    Hey, ChemBob, despite my status as a confirmed pharynguloid and screechy monkey, you reminded me that Phil Plait would be a good guest for the show someday.

  7. says

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t get enough of those Cucumber’s commercials.

    “Don’t Panic.” -Douglas Adams

  8. JamesR says

    #2 negentropyeater. I am with you on that. Yur mom seems hip!
    I myself didn’t have such a luxury.

    My mom is and always has been Xian and she “believes”.