Tangled Bank #104

The Tangled Bank

Uh-oh, I almost missed it — the latest Tangled Bank is available. Get over there and read it belatedly!

I’m also looking for new hosts — if you’re interested, volunteer.


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    Cynthax, a host for Tangled Bank signs up to put up a post on their website for the Tangled Bank blog carnival (a biweekly collection of biology posts). Then people email you (through host@tangledbank) their submissions over the course of a couple weeks and you put them all together and try to make some sort of coherent thread out of them. It’s fun to read all the posts although the coherent thread part seems a bit tough.

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    I encourage people to host, it was great fun for me to put one together. The best part was getting the sneak peek on submissions from blogs I had never read before.