1. James F says

    Note: it can be any donation, even if it’s not the $30 to join NCSE.

    PZ, thank you for posting!

  2. Katrina says

    I’ve been meaning to join NCSE for some time now. This was somehow just the incentive I needed to finally join. Thanks!

  3. Hank Roberts says

    Done. Good idea regardless. Hope someone’s home at that blog –it’s rather dated and been spammed. Your attention should wake’em up.

  4. Jack Chastain says

    Also note – some companies may also provide a matching grant. I work for Verizon – they will also match my contribution.

    Great idea! It may in some cases be possible to TRIPLE the money!


  5. James F says

    Hank @5,

    It’s active, don’t worry – go to the main page, she posted on the 19th.

  6. Bacopa says

    I went over and read boremetotears’ original post as I suspected he was about to lose a lot of money. Usually matching donations of this type mean that each donation of 500 or less would be matched. I figured attention from Pharyngula would break him.

  7. kmarissa says

    Bacopa, she specifies that she will match up to a total of $500 all contributions combined.

    But that’s no reason not to keep donating past that point!

  8. bybelknap, FCD says

    I’ve been donating $20 a month to the NCSE for two years now. I wish I could afford more. I’d love to make it $50 or $100 per month.

    Maybe if they threatened my immortal soul with the eternal, burning fires of hell for not tithing 1/10th of my income… oh, wait, wrong organization.

  9. Pocket Nerd says

    And it just happens to be a payday for me. Obviously God wants me to join the NCSE!

  10. alex says

    nice idea. sadly i’m a skint student in Britain, so i feel any contribution from me would necessarily be small indeed.

  11. says


    Thanks for the mention. Within just a couple hours, I reached (and exceeded by $95) my max matching amount. In total, $1190 was raised after I matched $595 in contributions. (I even had some money left over for smelling salts to revive my husband after the stress of the morning got too much for him.)

    Thanks for your help.

  12. Ray says

    Appreciate the reminder, I intended to do this a while ago any way and then I heard about the matching funds idea. I see that the max has already been reached, but I wanted to do my part. So I’m in for the $30 membership. Thank you to Lynn and PZ for the nudge.

  13. says

    I already belong to NCSE. Perhaps I should get Senator Ben Nevers a membership. I’m sure he would appreciate it in the spirit in which it was given.

  14. Hank Roberts says

    Ah, it was already too late for the doubling by the time you posted this, but what the heck, I needed the nudge.