Evolution 2008 is for teachers

Teachers, come to Minneapolis this summer! Not for the Republican convention, but for the other great big important meeting that will be taking place: Evolution 2008.

Teachers in particular get a really good deal: a special workshop is planned, specifically on the teaching of evolutionary biology in the schools. We’ve got some good speakers (and me) lined up, and the registration cost of a mere $20 not only gets you into the workshop, but into the regular meetings as well. Here are the details:

Evolution 101 Workshop for K-12 Educators
Friday, June 20, 2008
Bell Museum of Natural History
University of Minnesota
.625 CEUs

One $20 registration also gives K-12 teachers access to sessions and symposia by the sponsoring scientific organizations, as well as social events and keynote speakers for the full conference, June 20-24.

The EVOLUTION 101 workshop provides K-12 educators with information to effectively teach evolutionary biology in public and private school science classrooms. The workshop provides teachers the opportunity to interact with professional scientists who are eager to encourage evolutionary pedagogy. With one registration, K-12 teachers will also have access to presentations by the professional organizations, as well as keynote speakers for the full conference, June 20-24.

Registration: $20 non-refundable

A certificate of completion and .625 Continuing Education Units will be awarded for attendance at this workshop.

For more information about this workshop and to register on-line, please visit:

The workshop is sponsored by the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), Minnesota Citizens for Science Education (MnCSE), and the Bell Museum of Natural History, with the generous financial support of the ADC Foundation.

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.
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  1. says

    It would actually be rather cool if a creationist or two signed up for this — it’s a workshop, so we’d have some hands-on experience managing obstreperous ignoramuses right there. But not too many, since we also have some high hopes of accomplishing some serious work.

  2. Marc Buhler says

    Hi PZ,

    I was trained as a science teacher some 30 years ago and became an Immunobiologist after the California referendum “Prop 13” in the late 70’s caused my contract to teach a summer-school Biology class in Palo Alto was cancelled.

    Recently, I have had my credentials recognized here in New South Wales and may in fact find myself in front of a classroom here in the next few months. One of my (expired) credentials had “math” listed as a subject, however that was not enough to have math listed here (just Biology, Chemistry and Science..) – I had so hoped to walk into a classromm and say “Hi – I’m your new Algebra teacher. If you don’t accept Evolution, you just failed Algebra.” but alas that is not to be.

  3. Marc Buhler says

    GGrrrrr – proofreading – shoulda done it a bit, eh? That opening statement just got egg on my face.

  4. Illuminato says

    20 bucks!! Doesn’t BIG SCIENCE and your “other unnamed backers” have a vested interest in spreading evilution? One would think you’re pulling this off on a shoe-string budget.

    Aaaaahhhhh that’s the clever cover then……carry on!

  5. Gavinicus says

    Don’t forget the atheist convention March 21-23, too. Minneapolis is just a pit of depravity this year (not like that righteous and godly city-on-the-hill next door).

  6. says

    that sounds really awesome, and it happens to be on my campus, but it also conflicts with tam 6 :(
    has anyone figured out bilocation yet?