1. flame821 says

    OMFG, That is even better than the PVC potato gun my Pappy made. I am SO sending him a link to this.

  2. freelunch says

    Truly a great, forward-into-the-past invention. I would need a lab slave, er, grad student to reload, however.

  3. Brandon P. says

    At least I’ll know what to buy to keep my household secure from raptor and/or ninja attacks.

  4. Patrick Quigley says

    The physics teacher in me loved the gun.

    The math teacher in me loved the integral symbol hidden in the “DISINTEGRATOR” logo.

    My physics side is a lot more fun.

  5. says

    Note that this is British nerdism. This is how we gained an empire.

    BTW, for the youngsters out there, those black plastic things at about 3 minutes are called floppy disks. You will need to ask someone really old if you want to know why they are described as floppy.


  6. says

    Do we need to be able to put out that many eyes in under a minute?

    I did enjoy the display of floppy disc destruction, though. Take that, King’s Quest VI!

  7. Rav Winston says

    Aw, bullsh*t! That’s not a disintigrator! It’s just a double barrelled rubber band gatling gun.


    I thought it would be a REAL death ray!


  8. Reginald Selkirk says

    Filming right into the barrels of your weapon from straight ahead while it is spinning does not prove that it is deadly. Neat when it was shooting, but I agree there was too much spinning.

  9. allium says

    Perfect for whenever they get around to remaking “A Christmas Story”*:

    “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”

    “Yeah, but I”ll take the resta dem sumbitches wit me.”

    *Not that I’m advocating such a thing.

  10. BaldApe says

    “You will need to ask someone really old if you want to know why they are described as floppy.”

    Hey, now!

  11. Don't Panic says

    “You will need to ask someone really old if you want to know why they are described as floppy.”

    Actually, being old enough to have a familiarity with real floppy disks (both 8″ and those new-fangled 5-1/4″ versions) I always referred to those things as “stiffies”

    My son as a few rubber band guns with those same trigger/sprocket mechanisms — they always seemed to want for more than one band at a time but I never investigated too closely. Now that I know that they can be loaded up with multiple shots I’ll have to look into it further — won’t he be surprised when I hit him again and again.

  12. SteveyD says

    When I was younger there was a booth at the state fair selling rubber band guns. I ended up getting Mom to buy me a pistol-like one that could hold about 16 rubber bands on wheel. They also had a 144 band gatling gun that was powered by turning a crank. Now they have motorized, double barrel guns. When will the madness end?! Someday we’ll make a rubber band gun so big we will destroy ourselves!

  13. JRS says

    Wow. I bet they never show anything that cool on Weaponology. Now we can defeat the invading floppy disk horde.

  14. Jim Thomerson says

    A rubber band gun is one of the standard ways of collecting small lizards. Actually with practice you don’t need a gun. Just loop the rubber band over the tip of your left thumb and pull it back with your right thumb and forefinger.

  15. Michael X says

    I’m not sure I can agree with the fact that this is better than a PVC potato gun. BUT, nothing like a rubberband mini gun to impress the really nerdy ladies with. Or so I’m told…

  16. Who Cares says

    Next piece of equipment. An automated rubber band loader. First to just reload when empty. Later to do it while the thing is spinning.

    Nice use of counter rotation though :)

  17. Russell says

    Unless the Manaus Convention replaces the Montreal protocol strategic rubber demand for Inter Continental Band Missiles will soon extirpate the rain forest.

    To save polar bear habitats from being overrun by displaced tree sloths as climate warms,insist your arsenal of Democracy stockpile only Green black rubber bands made from virgin coal tar.

  18. says

    My husband passes the nerd test: after only 15 seconds, he said, “Oooh, is that one of those rubber band gatling guns?! I’ve read about those!”