1. Yuval Langer says

    I prefer Miskatonic University [1]. They have damned and mad faculty members, one of the oldest translated copies of the Necronomicon, Necrotelicomnicon and Necronomilolikon. A very active doomsday cultist club and their football team has the coolest mascot ever. Oh, and they research the unresearchable incomprehensible unfathomable abhorrent horrors of beyond, which is pretty impressive.


  2. Bill Dauphin says

    Well, shoot! Yesterday we learned my daughter had been accepted to Yale… but now she wants to go to BSU instead and major in Illicit Activities.

    Well, who am I to judge, eh? Were any of you able to find a financial aid link at the BSU site?

  3. Bride of Shrek says

    I was always more of a Silver Surfer kind of girl myself until Batman got that audacious codpiece via Val Kilmer. Since then, its Batman, Batman, Batman.

    The university I went to was so apathetic they couldn’t be arsed having a mascot, instead preferring to have the elected student president turn up to the annual Rugby match by jumping out a helicopter, naked, every year.. True story folks.

  4. Carlie says

    Having just geeked myself out on a glut of Doctor Who, it appears to me that the Webmaster of the University must watch a lot of BBCA. It’s the only other place I’ve seen mention of mesothelioma.