Springtime in Oregon, when the evodevo is in bloom…

The University of Oregon and Indiana University have this wonderful Integrated Graduate Education and Research Traineeship in evo-devo that was, unfortunately, established long after I graduated from the UO. I have to say that it is a great idea, and it isn’t their fault I’m a superannuated anachronism. Anyway, the important thing is that they are hosting a symposium on evolution, development, and genomics: “From Patterns to Process:
Bridging Micro-and-Macroevolutionary Concepts through Evo-Devo”
4-6 April, in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. And look at the speakers they have lined up!

Keynote Speakers

Scheduled Speakers

A springtime meeting in Oregon in which I get to hear the latest in evo-devo from some of its biggest names and a rather significant detractor (Coyne)? Well, that settles it for me — I’m going. This sounds like spectacular fun.


  1. Eric says

    I didn’t realize that you were a UO alum! My wife is as well and I live in Portland – where we were saddened by the Ducks dramatic fall from #2…

    I would offer a place to stay if we lived a little closer to Eugene, as it is, I will happily buy you a beer (or other beverage of your choice) if you have the chance to hang out in Portland before flying home…


  2. Shaggy Maniac says

    Wow, among the (linked) speakers, there is even someone, Leonie Moyle, who works on plants; woohoo!

  3. says

    I should hope they’d have a plant person — one of the goals of evo-devo as a research program is to account for diversity, and they should at least aspire to more breadth.

  4. says

    1. No representative from the DI? You mean, they have nothing to say on the hottest area in evolution research?

    2. SICB in San Antonio? That’s barely an hour from Austin. Won’t Don McLeroy have the Texas Rangers out to arrest anyone discussing evolution within 1,000 years of any school, church, day care center, gas well, oil well or liquor store? Brave souls, those SICB folk! Parachuting right into the war zone like that . . .

  5. says

    I’ve been thinking about going to SICB…but I’m not sure. After this semester, I desperately need some downtime before I plunge into spring semester, which promises to be even worse.

  6. says

    You know you’re finally getting somewhat serious into research when you start recognizing names of random scientists. Mike Wade gave a talk over at Purdue a couple of weeks ago, and he joined our lab group for an hour for our weekly meeting. Unfortunately, most of what he said was over my head, which still shows me what a newbie I am. Oh well.

  7. Voting Present says

    Shall we let the creationists in on the fact that SOME SAY “evo devo” so that it is pronounced “evil devil”?

  8. Hairy Doctor Professor says

    …a plant person…at least aspire to…

    Shouldn’t that be transpire? (sorry)

  9. says

    Hey, that’s just down the road from me (I’m in Corvallis). But the registration page only mentions grad students, post-docs and faculty, and I’m only a community college undergrad.

  10. says

    These kinds of events aren’t going to demand your academic credentials — typically, anyone willing to pay the registration fee can go. However, this is also the kind of meeting where the participants aren’t even going to try to address the general public; if you aren’t up on the lingo and comfortable with the concepts, you’re going to be completely baffled and bored for many hours.

    I went to a few professional meetings as an undergraduate, and I struggled, but I learned a lot.

  11. yukon slim says

    I’ve been a big fan of Fred Nijhout ever since I read his book “The Development and Evolution of Butterfly Wing Patterns.” I’m convinced he’s a genius.

  12. True Bob says

    Springtime in Oregon, when the evodevo is in bloom…

    Is this an intentional Scooter/JudyM reference?

  13. foxfire says

    Dude! How cool (a. graduate of UO, b. Coming to Oregon c. close to where we live).

    If you feel like visiting the coast, we live in Yachats and have a guest room that is begging for a guest! I’d even (I hate to cook) go get fresh Dungeness, steamers and Mirror Pond to lure you to our abode.

  14. Beverley Villena says

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