1. says

    There’s one thing I don’t get: if the US administration that keeps vetoing bills that were to provide for human embryonic stem cell research is the same administration that has no problem killing and torturing muslims, then why don’t they just legalise the harvesting of stem cells from embryonic muslims?

    Hey President Bush! I know where the Iraqis have been hiding their WMDs: they’re in their stem cells!

  2. T_U_T says

    maybe they want to process him to weapon-grade stupidity.
    and once they get The Stupid Bomb, we are all screwed….

  3. Colugo says

    The USA may be the home of bio-Luddite faith-heads (according to typical ScienceBlogs posts and threads), but what explains Canada, France, Germany and Norway’s (see the article’s map) ban of therapeutic cloning (somatic cell nuclear transfer)?

    “In Europe, though, genetically modified crops are taboo. Cloning human embryos for research has been legally supported in England and several other countries, but it is banned in more than a dozen others, including France and Germany.

    …(E)mbryo cloning for research has been banned in most countries, including Brazil, Canada and Mexico. It has not been banned nationally in the United States, but the research is ineligible for federal financing, and some states have outlawed it.”

  4. Richard Harris says

    Looks like Dr F’s already been using stem cells, to generate the body. All he has to do now is to zap it with electricity for the elan vital, thus to bring the body to life. So Dr F still needs the lightning.

    Those folks at the DI could probably have told you that. Sheesh, don’t you people know anything about biology?

  5. Ichthyic says

    And according to Charles Krauthammer, we must give thanks to Bush for making this progress in stem research possible.

    The verdict is clear: Rarely has a president — so vilified for a moral stance — been so thoroughly vindicated.


    *wipes mouth*


    more effective than syrup of ipecac.

    no, wait I just have to say it:

    CK is a *complete* Demented Fuckwit.

    there, I feel slightly better now.

    Rarely has a political commentator — so stupid it burns — been so thoroughly wrong.

  6. Kevin L. says

    So *that’s* the spark of life referred to in ‘Frankenstein’… It all makes sense now.