1. sailor says

    “I would use a machine gun…”
    You would have to to make any impression on the ignorance of a creationist. I like the concept for a game, it could even be educational.

  2. Skeptic4u says

    Yeah. That would make one wicked game. I’d buy it for sure. Grand Thinking Atheist… Imagine the Character possibilities!

    Play as Richard Dawkins
    *sense Christians from 500 yards away*(start with pistol)

    Play as PZ Myers
    *ability to summon Kraken (giant squid)* (start with machine gun)

  3. says

    Me, I’d use my educational bullets in a modern .50 cal. sniper rifle. ;-)

    Me too! Then I could be a knowledge dispensing superhero, meting out information wherever it is needed:

    Damsel in Distress: “Look! Under those ruins; an alien spaceship! If we can learn to fly it, we can escape these Scientologised bees!”

    Damsel’s Lame Male Companion: “Oh no! These instructions are written in Middle Khmer! We’re doomed!”

    Brownian: “Have no fear! Brownian is here!”

    Lame Guy: “Brownian? What is that, some kind of internet handle?”

    Brownian: [Points behind Damsel and Lame Guy] “Look over there!” [They both look]


    Brownian: [To Damsel] “Looks like your friend has fainted from a minor head injury. In the meantime, did you say you needed to learn Middle Khmer to fly an ancient alien spacecraft in order to escape from Scientologised Bees? Why, I encountered a busload of orphans with that very same problem earlier this morning.”

    Damsel: “Oh Brownian! You’re my hero!”

    Brownian: “Er, they all died. But don’t worry; I’m a much better shot after lunch. Now hold still….”

    Finally, I’ll have an excuse to wear these tights!

  4. says

    If only I had had one of those educational Dawkins guns with me last week, I would have cheerfully plugged one of my students. He was asking for it! [Link]

  5. Janine says

    I am not really the confrontational type. I think I would like to set up a bunch of educational landmines overnight. Just imagine, one is walking along and all of a sudden, blam, one a struck by a bunch of small and sharp facts.

  6. Ondoher says

    It’s a nice sentiment, but it loses impact by repeating the “christianity comes from mithraism” canard. If we want to be taken seriously in our claims to be interested in the truth over dogma, then stuff like this isn’t helping.

  7. stogoe says

    Canard? They totally ripped off Mithras. And the egyptians and everyone else, but seriously.

  8. Ondoher says

    “Canard? They totally ripped off Mithras. And the egyptians and everyone else, but seriously.”

    In the same way that biologists (rightfully) laugh at ignorant creationist claims, so to do biblical hisorians laugh at ignorant claims like Jesus mythicism and christian traditions having been stolen from mithraism, or other non-jewish sources.

    We cannot preach that people refrain from making ignorant pronouncements in subjects that they have not studied, or have only done so with bias, if we fail to follow that example ourselves.

    Truth is more important than one-liners and bumper-sticker slogans. It also tends to be far more nuanced and interesting.

  9. jrb says

    “…I would use a machine gun rather than a pistol.”

    Most schools seem to be using Pez dispensers.

  10. Bart Mitchell says

    Ondoher, do you have any good reading on this subject? I’ve only ever seen the evidence to support the claim that Mithra was the inspiration for the Christ myth. I would love to see some unbiased information on this subject.

    And sure was funny to see Dawkins with a colt 1911. I would have pictured him as a Walther PPK kind of guy.