Is there a market for McGrath impersonators?

This is a little creepy. The Sexy Secularist can do a pitch perfect imitation of Alister McGrath on any subject, whether it’s ordering from a menu or engaging in phone sex. This has got to make him a hit at parties.


  1. says

    O/T, but uh-oh:

    DeMint: ‘God’ Will Be Part of the Test for the Next Capitol Architect
    By Kathleen Hunter | 10:54 PM; Oct. 16, 2007 | Email This Article

    President Bush hasn’t announced his nominee for Architect of the Capitol yet, but Sen. Jim DeMint has already developed a litmus test for his approval.

    The South Carolina Republican said Tuesday he would block any nominee who does not pledge to allow references to “God” on the certificates that accompany flags flown over the Capitol

    “That’s not his job as a bureaucrat to try to screen out what an American citizen wants to say,” said DeMint, who’s drawing up legislation that would codify protections for references to “God” on any certificates issued by the architect’s office. A similar bill (HR 3779) has been introduced in the House by Michael R. Turner, R-Ohio.

    What was that again about religious tests disallowed by the Constitution?

  2. Tukla in Iowa says

    I’m more of a McGruff impersonator, mostly due to my penchant for walking around in trenchcoats and biting.

  3. says

    That’s an amazing skill to have. Even better that only a few hundred people can really appreciate it.
    I tried to do a McGrath impression once, but I just didn’t have enough lilt.

  4. says

    I’d pay to see a good Bill Hicks impression. I think you’d have to pay me to sit through a McGrath talk, real or impersonated.

    It’s not the lilt, nor is it those nice round Os, it’s the absence of content that makes for a good McGrath imitation.

  5. Louis says

    I’ve just watched that video on sexy secularist’s blog. Crikey! McGrath uses a hell of a lot of words to avoid saying anything at all. The shorter McGrath is: “I’m a Christian, I believe stuff”. He fails to deal with any of the issues Hitchens raises.

    Also when Hicthens is confronted with a few questions at the end he doesn’t deal with them very well, merely repeating his previous points, which go some way to deal with them. I’m thinking particularly the question about moral absoltism and moral relativism which was a sitter for a really quality anthropological answer. I’m not having a pop at Hitchens per se, I’d just have answered the question differently.



  6. J Myers says

    Is the “imitation” only in written form? It was funny, but I was of the impression that there would be some audio (“pitch pefect”…).

  7. says

    Bobbins. I thought we’d left this kind of nonsense when we fled the Ould Sod after that Unfortunate Thing With The Potatoes.

    McGraths against McGrath.

  8. says

    Thanks for the linkage, PZ! I was so excited to see my [pen] name show up on your blog.

    J Myers–
    No luck. Doing a vocal imitation would require my actually listening to McGrath’s voice for long periods of time.

  9. Carlie says

    If you can sing with a Muppet and do sign language, you might be able to do a good Bob McGrath impression.

  10. Hank says

    McGrath excels at saying absolutely nothing in extremely roundabout ways.

    In fact, I’m fairly certain he is able to induce ADD in adults (at least this one), so powerful is his commitment to non-commitment.