1. Kuhlmancanadensis says

    Argh! That’s probably the closest an atheist convention will ever get to Upper Michigan. I’d go if I wasn’t broke. Not to mention I love the FFRF. :(

  2. mndarwinist says

    I haven’t seen you in quite a while, professor. I look forward to seeing you in Madison.

  3. Leni says

    I live literally 2 blocks from the Terrace. It would be a darn shame to miss it.

    I’m still recovering from a recent splurge, so I don’t know if I can afford tickets for the convention, though. Which is too bad because I’d really like to see Julia Sweeney, but I can definately afford a beer during one of the breaks!

  4. says

    I believe I will be able to attend most of the convention.* Hey, looks like we’ll be able to have that beer after all. Essen Haus would be a good place for a Pharynguloid meetup, too, very close very close to the Terrace.
    If people coming to the event think that would be a good place to hang out, relax, and have a drink, we can formulate plans later this week.
    Dang, didn’t realize it would be so soon!

    *I’ll know more details when the Goddess wakes from her holy slumber.

  5. Sastra says

    Me, me! I will be there, and will join in with any Pharynguloidal communal activity. Keep us posted …

  6. says

    You’ll just have to organize the next one for sometime between Sept. 5 and Sept. 9 in 2008. I expect to be in Madison then to watch the Wisconsin Ironman.

    Leni, just put it on the never-never (credit cards), because how often does the convention come to you? You’re saving on travel costs.

  7. MReap says

    I’ll be in Madison the 12-13 but for the North Central Region meeting of the Association for Science Teacher Education at the Edgewood campus site.

  8. Leni says


    Leni, just put it on the never-never (credit cards), because how often does the convention come to you? You’re saving on travel costs.

    Ha ha. What never-never card? It’s got like 4 bucks left on it, lol.

    I have a furniture buying problem. We’ll see though. I might be able to schmooze my way with a friend.

    And the Essen House is alright with me. Not very exciting, but there are bar-wenches. I have a feeling PZ’d like that. Dane has better beer, but I’ll go anywhere.

    Is there any chance we can get Christopher Hitchens to come along? I’d sort of like to buy him several rounds of shots and see what happens. Morbid curiousity, I know ;)

  9. anon says

    Hey PZed, I’ll be at the FFRF convention.

    I was organizing a meetup for saturday lunch over at the IIDB boards.

    I’ll post the location later when I get home. Home to see ya and the rest of the Pharyngulites there!

    Lane aka Worldtraveller

  10. says

    Fellow pharyngulites:

    Many IIDBers are having a meetup during lunch (12-2) saturday the 13th. at an Irish pub within walking distance of the convention meeting area.:

    Feel free to join us there.

    Post here if you think you will be there, and I will make reservations this thursday afternoon.