1. Dawn says

    Awesome. But I don’t think I want to run into one of those things in the ocean (wouldn’t mind seeing it in real life, just not getting up close and personal).

  2. HadasS says

    80’s bubble skirt? Those things are trying to sneak their way into fashion again! And they don’t look nearly as good on humans…

  3. G Barnett says

    Cheeky little devil. Almost looks like it’s sticking its tongue out at the camera….

  4. kristen in montreal says

    Forgive my ignorance. But what is that thing that looks so much like a tongue? Anybody?

  5. Bob L says

    “Forgive my ignorance. But what is that thing that looks so much like a tongue? Anybody?”

    It is either a tentacle on the far side of the squid or the ovipositor it uses to inject it’s young into other animals bodies.

  6. Andrew Cooper says

    Oh for goodness sake, there ain’t no such animal!! Completely implausible. You’re making these up, PZ. Aren’t you?

  7. says

    Saw that thing once in a 50s b film. Floated through the air and vampirized people. Good to see the b film actor protection program found him a new home. :)

  8. cory says

    I have a feeling that it’s only a few inches long.

    That’s getting a mite personal….
    (yes, just a gratuitous contest-entering post)

  9. Bob L says

    Ain’t that pretty! Actually, kristen and Bob L, the little “tongue” is the funnel poking out of its mantle

    It could be, but since an ovipositor would cooler I am sticking with it. The creationists should not be the only people who get to pull stuff out of their backsides.