Go ahead, risk your brain, not mine

This is just a slideshow of album covers for the most annoying songs of all time, and it’s fairly safe to view—it doesn’t actually play any music clips. I was just thinking (like an evil mad scientist—occupational hazard, you know) that if someone did string together the musical hooks for all of those bad songs, you’d either get the most devastating earworm ever, or they’d all just cancel each other out and you might get an earworm cure. Anyone want to try the experiment?

(via that Chimpanzee Refuge)


  1. BW says

    Now PZ…we all know when nobody is around you turn off the Beethoven and crank up the Barry Manilow. Scientists like having their limbic system stimulated occassionally like everyone else.

  2. Grand Moff Texan says


    Hey, PZ. Dig this:

    I’m not so sure that it’s a coincidence that the revival of progressivism as a political label has coincided with a more strident secularism/atheism, a greater obsession with the supposed right-wing threat to “science” (read: left-wing policy preferences on stem cell research, cloning, genetic engineering, etc.), and a greater sympathy for Darwinism-as-a-universal-theory among thinkers associated with the political left.

    Yes, it’s no coincidence that progressives would attack the phony faith of posturing Republicans and the Lysenkoist abuse of research or oppose the peddling of ignorance and superstition … because all of these are a sign of weakness on the right.

  3. gracchus says

    The surprising thing to me is that I don’t know all these songs. (The Nelly and Kriss Kross ones didn’t immediately cum to, um, ear.) Probably a function of not living in North America for the past decade and a half….

  4. Karen says

    this site would by high on my list of most annoying site with all these ads popping up every 5 secs

  5. says

    The ads were equally annoying. I’m definitely seeing the connection between Lasik, and music.

    This Kriss Kross album would a lot more enjoyable if my vision was better, then I could fully enjoy those kids and their zany antics.

  6. wildcardjack says

    Re: #10

    I see very few ads online. I have a hacked HOST file and about 90% of the ad servers are blocked. I did see it try to pull up ads, but I just got a “Unable to connect” sign.

    My hacked host file means that the internet looks strange and crowded with ads when I use other peoples computers.

  7. Sven DiMilo says

    Funny thing, I was at the used-CD store this morning and could have picked up a cheap copy of “Pickin’ on Styx’s Mullets”

  8. phat says

    Um, there are some good songs in that list.

    I used to want to be hipper than others. But I think I’ve found that it’s truly hip to like stuff that you think is good and refuse to dislike stuff that other people think you shouldn’t like.

    Just because I might happen to like bands like Carcass doesn’t mean I can’t like Barry Manilow.


  9. Curtis says

    I SO have fucking issue with the Good Times theme being on there.

    “…easy credit rip-offs, good times…” /sings

  10. Angie says

    Sorry, but you just can’t discount the entire Village People catalogue like that. They and Boney M are the best late-in-the-evening-had-way-too-much-wine songs to turn up loud and dance to. With or without company.

  11. says

    I’ve found that if you need an earworm cure, five or ten minutes of Lords of Acid will do it — the loudest, raunchiest, most surreal stuff they ever recorded. “Crablouse” is pretty good for starters.

  12. Arnosium Upinarum says

    Sorry, no, I’ll pass on looking at the album covers too. If I happen to know the piece, merely being reminded of it visually is quite enough to trigger a gnawing worm.