Carnivalia and an open thread

Oy, I have so much catching up to do…

All right, tell me what else is new in the universe outside the Pacific Northwest.


  1. says

    William Dembski admitted he had AIDS because of HIV.

    Meanwhile, Behe admitted that he was an evolutionist trying to scare people away from Creationism.

  2. bernarda says

    Garrison Keillor recently had a Guy Noir sketch about belief among other things.

    “GK: You a writer?

    RB: Nope. I’m an evangelist. Started out as a Baptist, preaching and howling and baptizing, and then I committed the sins of the flesh with a woman from Boston. She filled me with doubt and now I’m an evangelical Unitarian. I have been called the Billy Graham of skepticism. (COONHOUND BAYING IN DISTANCE) Ah– there he goes– he’s got him a Baptist. (OFF) Catch you later, Mr. Noir.”

    Then at the end,

    “RB: Listen to me,people! (HUBBUB SUBSIDES, QUIET) All I’m trying to say about streetcars is — don’t take it on faith that this is a good idea!!! That has gotten more people into more trouble!!! Faith!!! What we need is a little more skepticism!! Yes, sir! Skepticism!!!! People come up to me and they say, “Buddy Bob, I am living under a terrible burden of belief! I believe in things that make no sense! I hang out with people I don’t care for at all! I laugh at jokes that aren’t funny! I have a world view that comes right out of a cartoon!!! Help me to disbelieve! And that’s why I am here today — to show you the way to an open mind! (HE CONTINUES, UNDER) Use your God-given intelligence! Try to think things through! Don’t believe everything you’re told!”

    You can listen to the sketch on the site, well worth it.

  3. SEF says

    tell me what else is new in the universe outside the Pacific Northwest.

    The UK has its share of crazy doctors too:

    I have to wonder if this crazy one only got reported because the patient/victim happened to belong to a rival crazy belief system though.