PZ is in Seattle


Yes, I am away for this week — I’m off wearing flannel, listening to grunge, and drinking coffee as I chop down trees in the rain (did I miss any stereotypes?). Updates to Pharyngula will still happen, though, so don’t abandon me completely. They will be more sporadic, but when they do happen, they will be pungent with the tang of Puget Sound, soaring like the majestic Cascades, and as affectionate and cuddly as the banana slug. Or not. Check below to see if anything new trickles in.

And if the content sucks, tough. I’m having fun!


  1. says

    I’m not worried about the content sucking, but you might want to not post this eight days into the future lest we think you’ve gotten off to somewhere far more foreboding than Washington State.

  2. sailor says

    You had better be in damn good shape if you are going to CHOP down trees there – wait till you see the size of them.

  3. DeanOR says

    Fine, just so you stay away from Portland. We don’t like science fascists or any other variety of fascist.

  4. says

    Seattle will be a nice surprise for about a minute especially since you are wearing flannel. You won’t have them on for very long from what I’m gathering from a friend who lives there. It is hot and humid to beat the band, she says.

    Have a wonderful time, PZ.

  5. says

    Fine, just so you stay away from Portland. We don’t like science fascists or any other variety of fascist.

    So, just remember, PZ, if you go to Portland, leave your “Darwin mit uns” belt buckle at home and try to refrain from belting out the “Horst Naturwissenschaften Lied” while goosestepping down the streets.

  6. Brian Axsmith says

    You didn’t miss any Alabama stereotypes yesterday, so why hold back with Seattle WA?

    Have a great time.

  7. says

    Mmm, I dunno, this post still seems kinda mellow. You’re not REALLY experiencing Seattle ’til you’re well jacked up on caffeine.

  8. Lance Wilson says

    I am glad you made it to the great Pacific Northwest. You did forget a few sterotypes, you forget to have a dance with Bigfoot (and hunt for DB Cooper at the same time). As well as putting on your Gore-Tex coat and pants (that is a mandatory fashion around here).

    And you are more than welcome to come to Portland (which you will find it is much superior to Seattle). Make sure you check out the best independent bookstore in the country, Powell’s Books.


  9. says

    I’m guessing you have ditched the flannel by now. Here in Portland it’s supposed to heat up this week — maybe tickling 100 degrees — so it may very well be toasty 3 hours north. The Seattle Aquarium would be a cool destination.

  10. Deanna Frost says

    Paul in Seattle!!! I’d love to meet up with you, ol’ friend!
    Send me an email!

  11. Shane says

    “chop down trees in the rain”

    It’s summer, not a whole lot of rain around here right now

  12. says

    The nice thing about Seattle is that you can go into a hardware store and find that they have an expresso machine and are selling coffee, too. Or perhaps that it’s free to customers.

  13. Ken Mareld says

    Good morning,
    It’s 0850 and already 66 degrees here. This is going to be a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Of course it rained on Friday, my coworker had her car detailed. While I would like to have had time to visit with you on one of your activities here, I hope I don’t see you. That would be bad. I work the night shift at Valley Medical Center, the major South King County Hospital. Enjoy you’re visit and make sure you tell all of your Minnesotan friends that it is always cold, dark and rainy here. That though would probably bring Minnesota Cephalopods here, arriving in droves by planes, trains, automobiles and submarines. Wait, they don’t need submarines. Or do they ride submarines like Woody Guthrie ridin’ the rails


  14. Ken Mareld says

    Oh, Oh,
    Hear, Hear for Portland. Not just for Powell Books – the greatest bookstore on the planet (yeah, I love that place), but also for Jake’s Crayfish, one block away. The best 112 year old restaurant I’ve been to.

    Ken from Kent

  15. Ken Mareld says

    Travel guide time,
    The oldest great restaurant I have had the pleasure of a meal at is in Stockholm, Sweden. This is ‘Den Gyllene Freden’, or in English ‘The Golden Peace’. Started in 1722, thus making it 285 years old, it has been the home for singers of socio-political comment through the centuries. The cellar is an especially lovely place.


  16. says

    i’m from seattle. generally, i think more people there would prefer to tie themselves to trees than chop them down.

    just don’t forget to have that cup of coffee with some microsoft software developers and a few boeing engineers.