Friday Cephalopod: Don’t make any sudden moves

removed at the request of Gary Larson

Figure from Bride of the Far Side(amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), by Gary Larson.


  1. Fernando Magyar says

    A CARTOON of a cephalopod?!!

    I am deeply offended! I expect a stunning photo of a real living creature. In protest I will go diving on my local reef and find my own octopus or something.

  2. rrt says

    What could there possibly be to fear in such a glorious creature? Those dinnerplate eyes, those tree-trunk arms, that steel-shearing…hungry…beak…

    Crap. Betrayed by my inner mammal.

  3. Peter Ashby says

    The Electron Microscope unit I inhabited through much of my PhD was festooned with Larson’s work. On the door of one of the scope rooms was the one where 1 caveman is sitting atop a huge stone microscope under which is a mammoth. He is saying to caveman 2 ‘It’s a mammoth’ and entitled ‘Early Microscope’. Sheer genius.

  4. JJR says

    Reading Larson’s published books of cartoons was one of the sheer delights of my late High School and early College years. They’d have me howling with laughter and my mom would want to see just what was so funny. Seemingly invariably, she never “got” the humor. At all. My mom’s reasonably well educated (retired school librarian), but most of Larson’s stuff was just over her head, while it never failed to tickle my funny bone.

  5. says

    What I noticed was that all of us in the family considered 10% of Larson’s cartoons to be laugh-out-loud funny, it was a different selection for each person. But “Squids can sense fear” is a general favourite.