1. jpf says


    Evolution News & Views: Darwinist Professor: “Michael F**king Behe” Is Shamefully Corrupting American Science Education. (by Michael Egnor)

    Darwinists lack two traits desirable for scientists: decorum and a developed sense of irony. University of Minnesota Associate Professor of Biology and star Darwinist science blogger P.Z. Myers provides evidence for this observation in a recent scatological tirade on Pharyngula, the popular Darwinist science blog that is read daily by thousands of young scientists and aspiring scientists.

    You’re corrupting our youths! But who’s going to tell Egnor about DI’s fart animations?

    (Oh, and happy birthday to Coturnix and Melissa!)

  2. says

    Give me a little time. I’ll have a reply to that, but I had to give an exam, go grocery shopping and banking, and mow the lawn, and now the little mistress of the house is cracking the whip and demanding I fix her dinner, and I also have to grade that final exam, so time is a little short right now.

  3. says

    Surely Michael Egnor will want to disassociate himself from yahoos who would set a judge’s decision to fart-music.

    It’s a damned shame (blasphemy) that he doesn’t know the difference between scatological and vulgar.

  4. Tatarize says

    They are either twins or there are around 23 or more people blogging making it likely that two of them have the same birthday.