Kids underfoot? Are they pestering you for entertainment? Tell them to go look up dinosaurs in Dinobase, and to come back when they’ve got them all memorized. I remember as a kid it was easy to wow the grownups by memorizing a few dozen genera, but now … whoa. There’s more minutia there than you’ll find in packs of baseball cards, that’s for sure.


  1. says

    The guys behind Dinobase also did the design and basework for Ask A Biologist and the two overlap in many ways. Glad to see them getting the recognition they deserve!

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    That’s cool and all, but shouldn’t the “Photo Galleries” be renamed to something like “Image Galleries” or “Art Galleries” since there are no photographs in them? That way, even if photographs (of fossils) are added later, the name will still hold true. I think I’ll drop them a line.

  3. KiwiInOz says

    Yeah ZorkFox, I thought the same thing about the photo galleries. Hopefully they’ll tweak that. Otherwise, awesome.

  4. forsen says

    Oh, nostalgia. I remember memorizing their scientific names as a kid myself. That would be in the late eighties/early nineties though, so there were quite a number of genera discovered by then. All you had to to to impress the adults was to namedrop Deinonychus, Pachycephalosaurus or something like that. The weird thing is that my father, although a creationist, gave me solid science, evilutionist dinosaur books… perhaps he knew better after all.

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    Hi. Thanks very much for posting about DinoBase! As some of the comments here reveal, I think we still may have some tweaking around to do – but then again, these kind of projects are always ‘in progress’.