1. says

    I just posted a message under the Blasphemy Challenge post asking when you are going to post this. Psychic phenomenon or coincidence? Coincidence. I went to your blog originally looking to see if you posted it.

  2. says

    Nuh-uh! Delamer Duverus teaches that THIS is the work of cholesterol… basically, the same thing as psychic phenomenon, yeah. *lol*

  3. Kevin says

    for something else funny go to minute 2:26 in the ad below.

    man she is funny looking….(and good looking too but look at that face!)

    (The fire retard ad)

  4. AL says

    Cool video. But you know when evolution is presented in cartoon form as a single individual turning from a cell to a fish to a lizard to a monkey then to a man, the Creationists Bible literalists are going to do what they do best with regard to that — interpret it literally!

    “I’ve never seen a man turn into a monkey, and that’s what evolutionists say! It’s so absurd!”

  5. says

    She’s definitely an animated speaker. There’s lots of funny moments. Here’s my favorites:

    1:59 – Demented!
    1:47 – Ate something strange?
    0:59 – Joining the Raelians!

  6. NC Paul says

    I know it’s not, but that DuPont ad is about as close as you can get to parody without actually being the White House Press Secretary.

    As for the Simpson thing – that’s pretty cool too. Though, as AL says the Creationists will take it literally.

  7. says

    That was a long intro, too. Seeing Homerzoans going “doh” when they split… I felt compelled to lean forward in my chair.

    I have to say, between this and the Monkey Suit episode, it’s really nice to have that sort of a friendly face on evolution on prime time television.

    I want to know where on the Internet they’re denouncing the intro :)

  8. says

    Awesome. I missed this yesterday when it aired, since I don’t watch Simpsons regularly anymore. Two little touches I especially liked:

    -Dimetrodon Homer. Good call on making him a synapsid and not a dinosaur.

    -The fight between Bartosaurus Rex and Lisasaurus was a nice homage to Fantasia.

  9. Tom Buckner says

    Epic! Absotively epic! Nick Cage’s birth in “Adaptation” might be a reference too (fresh in my mind because I just went to an orchid show. Orchids are freaky Darwinian).

  10. Tim. says

    Must….share….with ….students.

    Unfortunately our district has a bandwidth (Head Technology Admin.) issue and wont allow us untrustworthy teacher types access to video streaming sites like YouTube etc.

  11. Stephen Ockham says

    Hey JJ, the youtube link you posted for the Family Guy v. Christianity clipreel returned an error:
    The url contained a malformed video id.
    Do you have a properly formed link? ;)

  12. JCfromNC says

    Stephen Ockham said:

    Hey JJ, the youtube link you posted for the Family Guy v. Christianity clipreel returned an error:

    I also got an error, but found it by searching “Family Guy” and christianity on the YouTube site. However, as far as I can tell, I ended up on the same URL as the one JJ posted.

  13. Stegve says

    -The fight between Bartosaurus Rex and Lisasaurus was a nice homage to Fantasia.

    Not only that, but Godzilla, too — listen to the roar!

  14. Stegve says

    My 8-year-old daughter recently learned about dinosaurs in school. I was happy, watching the show with her on TV last Sunday, that she picked up on the meteor impact as the extinction event. At least some education is taking place in the public schools!

  15. says

    Especially liked the dehominization of Moe and the dinosaur sound effects. But did fish really evolve from cnidarians? Ah, details details. Are people familiar also with the ‘march of progress’ commercial produced by Guinness? It starts with people in a pub and shows them evolving backwards into mudskippers of all things, via archaeocetes, ichthyosaurs and all manner of other things.