With reluctance, me

So, Mike Haubrich stopped by my office yesterday, and during the conversation he mentioned that there was a video of me on the Seed site … with some trepidation, I took a look, and there it is: it’s my short presentation at the Inspiration Festival last fall. Ouch. I just cringe to see and hear myself, but in the spirit of being forthright and honest and exposing my flaws complete and without censorship, there I am. At least I really, really like developmental biology.

This is not an opening volley to trigger Atrios, the Editors, and TBogg to start hurling appalling YouTube videos across the net at each other. Or you, either.


  1. says


    Sir, we post nothing but the very finest prog rock and jazz fusion videos. Which is not to mention the Editor’s campaign videos which – contrary to popular belief – are MUCH too well-crafted to have been made by a three-year-old.

    I demand either a retraction or a crappy YouTube video in response.

  2. Ribozyme says

    I’d love to take class with you! (Do you allow belly laughter among your students?)

  3. says

    …but you seem so mild-mannered!

    Oh, but he is so much nastier in person. I had to run a gauntlet to prove I am an atheist. He held my kids at gunpoint. He made us look at fish-poop under a stereoscope!

    But, once he was satisfied I am a real atheist and not a creationist in disguise, he opened up and we had a real good time.

    Now my kids want to attend science camp at UMM. And PZ was kind enough to sign my son’s hat. I would recommend that any of you who happen to be the Westerly Minnesota Region stop in and pay a visit. PZ may even show you his personally autgographed copy of The God Delusion.

  4. Louis says

    Hey PZ,

    Good vid. Damn, that’s another beer I owe you for an informative talk! There wasn’t anything I didn’t know there, but there was a lot I had forgotten and was overjoyed to be reminded of it.


  5. dukkamon says

    It was cool to see the master at work! Though I know for a fact there are a few trees in Morris.