Since I previously mentioned GodTube, which is all Jesus all the time and has lots of creationism videos, it’s only fair that I reveal that there is also an IslamTube, where you can listen to speeches about the religion of peace or watch humvees get blown up.

Somebody introduce these two to each other.

(hat tip to Peter McGrath)


  1. Tukla in Iowa says

    Somebody introduce these two to each other.

    And then introduce them to XTube so they’ll have something better to do with all that time on their hands.

  2. says

    I have mentioned before there should be ScienceTube (which I dubbed “SmartieTube”) to collect videos of cool science stuff.

    See my blog post about it and GodTube the first time round.

  3. Middleton says

    Yeah PZ!

    Tell the Muslim fanatics what scum they really are!

    Someone has to do it!