Kicking ’em where it hurts

From Orcinus, I’ve learned a useful new term (“spockoed“, referring to using aggressive tactics to shame the right-wing extremists) and that Michael Savage and Ann Coulter are suffering for their calumnies, which is always satisfying. There might be a little too much self-satisfaction, though: I think there’s a large enough culture of right-wing extremism to keep them both profitable for a long time to come, and I suspect that knocking down one or two sleaze-artists just means new ones will rise to take their place.


  1. Carlie says

    But hopefully, the knocking down of each one will send a little shiver of fear down the small spines of all the wanna-bes who would take their places if they could. Once someone gets tremendously shamed in public for a specific act, it gets more difficult for anyone else to get away with that exact same act. It may be chipping away at a mountain, but every little bit helps.

  2. Ktesibios says

    I sonewhat agree with Carlie, but I think the really important point is being missed here. It isn’t likely that we’ll suffer a serious shortage of lunatic hatefreaks in society anytime soon nor that such people will stop spewing bile in some way, since anyone with a computer and basic literacy can start a blog.

    What matters is that the major media, and their advertisers, get the idea that spittle-flecked lunacy isn’t the saleable commodity it used to be. Spockoing the worst of them helps to accomplish that.

  3. CalGeorge says

    Seven newspapers do not a big dent in a reputation make.

    Nice to hear, though.

  4. Eamon Knight says

    So, they’re looking for another female wingnut to take Coulter’s place? Paging Debbie Schlussel…..
    (Here’s a chuckle: I couldn’t recall her last name just now, so I googled ‘debbie wingnut’ — and 9 of the first 10 hits were for her).

  5. says

    Melanie Morgan is another Coulter wannabe, but she has the distinction of being one of the first to deservedly get spockoed.

  6. says

    Ktesibios wrote:
    “…anyone with a computer and basic literacy can start a blog.”

    Hey! I resemble that remark! (well, except for that basic literacy thing):

    The major media and their advertisers may get you money, but I bet Andrew Sullivan’s blog has more influence than Ann Coulter because she is always preaching to the choir, but Sullivan can make converts.

    “… spittle-flecked lunacy isn’t the saleable commodity it used to be.”

    If you want a commodity — check out how long Harris’ and Dawkins’ books have been on the best seller list. Why ain’t the media taking note? Do they have an agenda besides money?

  7. QrazyQat says

    For those who don’t know, Spockoed refers specifically, or especially, to using the rightwinger’s own words to hang them with — just show people what they’re saying. It refers to a blogger, Spocko, who did just this with Disney’s support of rightwing talk radio. Here’s a kos story on it (Spocko had legal troubles with a “chilling effect” attack by Disney, but all he did was point out what their people were saying on the air).

  8. Steve_C says

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  9. Mooser says

    I would hardly call quoting someone their words which they promulgated over a public broadcasting network or in a public speech “agressive”!