The Kiss

It’s embarrassing enough that all the Minnesota blogs are snorting in disgust at Michele Bachmann’s kiss, but now those foreign, non-Minnesotan sites are making a big foofaraw, too.

Yes, we confess: Minnesota’s sixth district elected a dumb-as-rocks, simpering, fundagelical Bush sycophant to congress, one who would enthusiastically slobber all over the president on national television.

However, in our favor, we did not re-elect Mark Kennedy to the senate. He was such an outrageous bootlicking Bush toady, we might have witnessed some hot and explicit flunky-on-prez action instead…consider yourself lucky.


  1. kurzbein says

    My wife and I had never donated much to political candidates until Bachmann ran against Wetterling. It’s not even our district, but we couldn’t stomach the idea of someone like Bachmann serving in the US House. Now I imagine a lot more people having trouble stomaching it.

  2. says

    However, having Bachmann in the US House is MUCH better than having her in the Minnesota Senate where she was capable of far more damage. In the US House she’s now in the running to fill Kathryn Harris’s legacy. Just think of the humor potential we have for the next two years.

  3. Kurzbein says

    Scott – Good point! And with such an embarrassing beginning to her term, I’m hopeful that the voters can only stomach her for this one term.

  4. Molly, NYC says

    Cheer up. She just guarenteed her 1-term-itude. Even the dumbest voters don’t like to be embarrassed by their elected officials.

  5. says

    Yeah. She can’t do much damage to Minnesota where she is now. I figure she’ll probably spend her time in office writing unsent love-letters and knitting mittens for our bi-partisan curious President.

  6. CrispyShot says

    She just guarenteed her 1-term-itude.

    Sadly, as a resident of MN CD6, I can tell you that smooching Bush may even enhance her chances at reelection. Remember, we elected Kennedy twice.

    And on that note, one minor correction: Kennedy was a Congressional rep, not a Senator. It’s probably more accurate to say that we didn’t elect him to the Senate this past election.

    But if I may point out one bright spot in CD6 last year (at least in my little corner of it): Both state reps and the state senator from my area — Karen Klinzing, Mike Charron, Brian LeClair, GOP incumbents all — were unseated by DFL-ers (those are Democrats for you foreigners) Marsha Swails, Julie Bunn, and Kathy Saltzman. And since that’s where Bachmann got her start, I have great hopes for the future.

  7. Eisnel says

    I don’t live in the 6th (I’m in the 3rd), but the Bachmann vs Wetterling race was in my top 5 for the last election (right up there with Allen vs Webb, Santorum vs Whoever, and Harris vs Anything Warm-Blooded). That race was my only big disappointment, and after I tried so hard to rally my friends in Anoka county to vote!

    I couldn’t be more vocal about how much I despise Bachmann, and how she isn’t truly representative of the MN that I know, yet somehow I’m still embarassed for my state. Bachmann did three things that I don’t think anyone else in that chamber did:

    1. She grabbed and tried to steer/pull the President. It wasn’t an NFL-style holding call, but she put her hand on top of the Presidential shoulder, applied a bit of pressure, and wouldn’t take it off until he was steered back to her. I’m no fan of Bush, but I respect the office enough to know that you don’t grab and steer the President unless you’re one of his Secret Service agents.

    2. Bush had to turn his head at the last moment in order to avoid a full-on lip-to-lip kiss with Bachmann. Even then it was very close; it looks like she smacked him on the edge of his lip.

    3. She cackled like a teenager who had just touched her favorite pop idol (I’ll bet she’s not going to wash her hand for a month). Show some decorum for crying out loud!

    I wonder if God told her to smooch the President?

  8. sue stine says

    The Mpls StarTrib today, page A6, has a very unflattering photo of Michelle with her mouth open wide, contorted, at the State of the Nation speech. I feel so sorry for her (not). She earned this bit of disrespect from the print media.

  9. plunge says

    Let me say again that I told you so, MN6. You could have beaten Bachmann with Tinklenberg. But instead you just HAD to have “I think I’m too liberal to win this district” Wetterling. Let me say this again: nice job. I hope you’re happy with the candidate you all picked.

  10. An Enquiring Mind says

    Praise Geezus, PZ! You’re wrong there is a gawd. He just delivered us our “Monica in the Receiving Line” snapshot for Our Dear Leader. All we have to do is to find a dress stained with Our Dear Leader’s spunk, then it’s on to the impeachment hearings. And don’t stop with impeaching Our Dear Leader, impeach both the war criminals. That way we’ll have another historic first — the first female Speaker of the House becomes the first female Commander-in-Chief. Yeee-haw. I love it when a plan comes together as John “Hannibal” Smith used to say on the A-Team.

  11. says

    Wetterling’s positions were not so much the reason she lost – it was because of the way her campaign was run. She came off as a single issue candidate towards the home stretch (that was the problem with trying to exploit the Mark Foley issue), and she ran horrible campaign ads focusing on the wrong issues. She should have been running campaign ads that used Bachmann’s own words against her.

    I also heard that Wetterling didn’t study up for debates. That was evident in her debate performance. She didn’t go beyond her base to campaign.