1. says

    Zeke is more like a person, not just a dog. Chris’ beautiful writings about him over the years have made us all fall in love with Zeke.

  2. says

    Losing my nutty little cat Pirate to a long illness was rough, and yes, you don’t feel sad right away. It’s unreal–you’re dealing with a sick animal in pain–you’re torn between choices about what to do–and they’re so darned sweet, chin-up about it all, concealing a lot I’m sure, and so brave. One of my science teachers told us, “animals are individuals.” So true.

  3. Mau says

    Aww man. I went through this “long, lingering illness thing” with two cats now, and the latter was my little kitten who didn’t even make it to 3 yrs old. She had lymphoma, and she fought it with all the strength she had in her poor little body. Even at the end, when the vet gave her the final shot, she bit him. (She hated people messing with her feet, and he had to hold her foot to stretch her leg out.)

    At least the first cat made it to 17; but his fight lasted over 2-1/2 years. The kitten’s was only three months.

    I don’t know which was worse….

    So yeah, I’m with you in cheering old Zeke on.