Reason #5 to vote for Pharyngula


Look at this…Phil is sneaking around my back, recruiting people at the JREF to vote for him, as if he is the only skeptic in the running. He’s also tried to win people over on I’ll have you know I’ve been fighting for the forces of rationality for years now. I’ve debunked astrology, I’ve jumped down Deepak Chopra’s throat, I’ve skewered creationist cranks, and yes, I’ve even done movie reviews. There is also much more sex on a biology blog than you’ll ever find on a mere astronomy blog.

Although, I do have to grudgingly confess, Phil’s recent post about religious goons violating the lighting laws near Palomar Observatory was darned good stuff, too. So he gets it right now and then…it’s still not a good enough reason to vote for a sneaky squid-hater.

Vote for Pharyngula (and remember, you can vote every day!). Unless you’re a woo-woo or a eunuch.

P.S. You might also vote for GeekyMom. Geeky moms are the finest kind.


  1. says

    Dang. I haven’t.

    Well, if there are any playboy bunnies out there reading this, please do send me mail. I have to close the Bunny Gap with Phil.

  2. JamesR says

    Oh Yeah that says it all. I’m proud to admit that I’m here for the sex first, nudity second, and the violence third. PZ you have such a broad appeal to all things held sacred in America I don’t know how you can do anything but win.

  3. says

    Boxing matches and elections ought to be, but rarely are, fought cleanly and fairly. So I’m going to vote for one of the oother alternatives, unless one of you come sup with a suitably large bribe…