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    “For the last time, stop following me! I’m a creationist.”
    And so the chimp went back to acting, preparing for his next role in the Disney Tarzan movie, and the ape retreated to the San Diego Zoo where his kind were well treated by kind hearted zoologist yet snickered at by Sunday school clothed children every Sunday afternoon, but the caveman followed his bliss, went to Morris and found great comradeship in the biology department, and alas, the creationist went his merry way, eating popcorn while laughing at the latest Tarzan movie, and laughing even more at the zoo, tossing a bit of popcorn found in his pocket to the amusing ape while behind his back the attending zoologists shook their heads, and years later drove his daughter to Morris and dropped her off at the college, and let out a hearty laugh as he waved goodbye, but unknown to him and behind the glass windows an unseen professor too let out a hearty laugh, then turned to the caveman and said, “Coffee? On me!”