1. Mena says

    For some reason her husband always struck me as a cat person.
    Posted by: Mike

    You know how they say that pets kind of look like their owners? That dog kind of reminds me of her ex-husband. ;^)

  2. Ichthyic says

    Pemba after a region in Africa? I have a cichlid called a Pemba (a Tanganyikan Tropheus).

    Tropheus… duboisi, by any chance?

  3. Jay Carlson says

    I’ve always loved this paragraph from Wikipedia:

    Following her exit from the series in 1981, she married her co-star, actor Tom Baker, that December, but the marriage lasted only sixteen months. Douglas Adams, who worked with her on Doctor Who, introduced her to his friend Richard Dawkins, biologist and author of such books as The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker, whom he had met after Dawkins sent him a fan letter. They met at Adams’ fortieth birthday party in 1992 — according to Adams they were the only guests who turned up on time and hence were obliged to speak to each other. She married Dawkins the same year. […]

    It’s like somebody dropped my idols’ names in a Mad Libs paragraph.

  4. gramsci411 says

    but the real question is….

    will she be playing the president of time lords when we discover that they saved themselves or will she not? and if she doesn’t…will someone else be playing “her”?

    and for that matter…is their home bigger on the inside than it is on the outside?

  5. K. Engels says

    Oy! What is it with Science Fiction these days. First they turn Cylons into meatbags, now they’ve gone and turned K9 into a poofy white dog! What’s next, a space whore being turned into a super powerful religious leader with telekinetic powers!?