Weird items I’ve forgotten to put on my CV

This Neonbubble site is strange and baffling, and now they’ve gone and blown my cover with this biography of a former student.

Her high intelligence and keen insight caught the eye of her Biology professor, PZ Myers, who informed the U.S. Military as the terms of his continued freedom dictated. Gia was abducted and experimented upon for a number of years in an attempt to delve into the secrets within her mind.

I suppose I could be turning over my promising students to top secret government agencies, but I don’t remember this Gia Milinovich. They must be erasing my memories! The bastards!


  1. Ian H Spedding says

    Gia finally escaped with the aid of an interne at the base lab (Sarah Jessica Parker) who helped Gia hide inside a delivery robot. Fearing for her life she made her way to England as navigator on a top secret new type of flying craft. The craft was subsequently hotwired from its landing place in Romford, taken for a joyride, and set alight.

    Having been raised in Romford I can assure readers that there is no airfield in the town itself. There was a light aircraft landing strip at the nearby village of Stapleford Abbots, if I remember correctly and, of course, there are any number of open fields in the surrounding countryside where a VTOL aircraft could put down.**

    However, this and a number of other subtle clues that may have escaped less knowledgeable readers lead me to question whether this blogger is being entirely honest.

    **Confirmed by local EAC branch office.

  2. says

    Are there any hills subtly shaped like a skull in Romford? There could very well be hidden, secret airbases that they conceal from the local peonage, you know.

  3. Don Culberson says

    Whoa… interesting site! If you go down a few pages (page 5, I think) there is a fascinating, um, explanation of women’s naughty bits and what appears to be a rudimentary animation of a woman giving birth to something resembling an octopus! It is short a few tentacles, but I take that to have been artistic liscense…
    Uncle Don

  4. G. Tingey says

    Much more likely to have used the ex-RAF base at North Weald – used by Polish sqadrons in WWII.
    Now used by a lot of privately-preserved machines, and one or two microlights and the odd “what-was-that?”

    I drink in the amazing pub not far away (The Mole Trap) and often see these machines, particularly in the Autumn, when I’m mushroom-picking.
    Which suggests that somone has been eating the wrong mushrooms, incidentally ….

  5. Michael says

    Wearing a helmet made of tinfoil should solve that memory erasure problem, I saw it on NYPD Blue.

  6. Carlie says

    I’m more impressed with the third knee.

    That’s apparently an invisible third knee, based on the picture. And I couldn’t stop laughing at the many references made about the apparently magic bosoms.

  7. says

    Hye, PZ, do you actually know Gia? She’s a friend of mine, as is her husband (we did a TV thing together when the NASA probe smacked into the comet last year). She’s a totally cool babe.

  8. Ian H Spedding says

    PZ Myers wrote:

    Are there any hills subtly shaped like a skull in Romford? There could very well be hidden, secret airbases that they conceal from the local peonage, you know.

    Alas, that part of Essex is pretty flat and devoid of skull-shaped hills.

    Of course, there was this very large so-called brewery in the centre of town which emitted noxious and potent smells periodically…

  9. Bunjo says


    the escape from the lab in the robot, the alien craft and Sarah Jessica Parker (playing the part of intern Carolyn McAdams) all come from the film “The Flight of the Navigator” (1986) . What a spooky coincidence.

    No cephlapods were harmed in the making of this film.

  10. Dave Puskala says

    I grew up in Hibbing and went to high school with a Milinovich. He was nice guy with a good sense of humor, but I don’t think that he had a flip top skull that I can recall. Those weren’t generally the Serbs. Some of the Croats, well, that is another matter.

  11. jaimito says

    Flip top = auto trepanation.

    Let me quote: “I’m normal.” Gia Milinovich – 1 September 2004


  12. G. Tingey says

    I’ve just come back from a circular walk from said pub (The Mole Trap) – and I do wonder, givent at today I saw both a Spitfire and a Mitsubishi Zero fly over …..
    Ans no, I haven’t been eating the mushrooms (yet)

  13. Ian H Spedding says

    You saw a Spitfire AND a Zero?? You lucky,lucky b*****d!! I used to live under the approach to Northolt so I got used to seeing the odd Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and even a Mossie but never a Zero. You sure it wasn’t Harvard dressed up for the occasion?

  14. says

    I thought Serbs belonged to the Serbian Orthodox Church. It’s the Croats who are Roman Catholic. Please note that these are generalizations, however, during the Balkan War of the 1990s ethnic identities were drawn primarily on religious lines. There are other cultural differences between Serbs and Croats, but they are rather subtle.

  15. Nix says

    I can’t say I’ve got used to having Zeros fly over my house, but it’s happened at least once. No Bleriots though, it’s stuck on Old Warden airfield 5km away. (They don’t dare let it fly more than a short hop anymore.)