Seething jealousy

John Wilkins has been off visiting the ghosts of Owen, Darwin, Buffon, and Saint Hilaire, while I’m sitting in Morris. Ah, if only I had an excuse (and the means!) to escape…


  1. says

    PZ, in all seriousness, has UMM ever considered how much positive press and notoriety you bring to Morris? I know that it’s already one of the premier state liberal arts institutions in the US, but I’d wager that folks may start traveling to Morris for the expressed reason of meeting you personally. I know that it’s not as glamorous as Paris, but I think that you have personally put Morris on the map for many of us outside the Minnesota system.

  2. says

    Evereyone who would have never heard of UMM if it was not for Pharyngula, raise your hand. [rasies hand]

    Now I know that when my kids start looking at colleges UMM is on our map. PZ teaches there, after all, so other faculty can’t be that bad either.

  3. John Wilkins says

    Well right now I’m not all that far from you. If you can get to Bloomington Indiana before Saturday night, I can show you my slides…

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    Oh, the other faculty are much better — they don’t sink time into maintaining a blog.

    A sabbatical is not on the radar for a while. As of this fall, I will have 3 kids simultaneously in college, and I’m not going to be able to afford the cut in pay for a while.

    Indiana? Or Illinois? Illinois is closer.

  5. John Wilkins says

    Go to Illinois if you like (after all, I did), but I’m in Indiana. If you go to Illinois, then I will conclude that our affair is over…