Can I trade the cat in for one of these?


John Bentley sent me an issue of Seven Days with this interesting illustration on the cover: it’s titled “California”, by Chris Varricchione. Excuse the smudginess, but I just scanned it in from newsprint, so it isn’t exactly the cleanest image to start with. Still, I had to make it my desktop image—who can resist a flying mollusc/bird chimera? Now if only someone would point me to a sharper original source…

Thanks, John!


  1. Russell says

    You realize, of course, that if we ever were to discover a mollusc with feathers, we’d have to credit it to a designer? ;-)

  2. ice weasel says

    Why don’t you just call him and ask:

    Chris Varricchione Illustration
    Illustration/Design/Production Art

    Since he’s listed several places online as a sponsor, I figured it wouldn’t be bad to post that same information here. Who knows, maybe someone will buy something from him.

  3. Eclogite says

    You should get it tattooed on your back. Then it’s with you all the time.

  4. Michael I says

    that thing isn’t exactly cuddly looking.

    I dunno, she looks fine to me…

    Although perhaps you were referring to the mollusc/bird thingy that the woman is riding on…


  5. BlueIndependent says

    I’d call it the Cephalodactyl…but the only problem is this dactyl has feathers…

    Cepheropteryx perhaps?

  6. craig says

    The mollusc looks cuddly enough to me…. :/
    Well, I guess… but when the thing you’re cuddling can cuddle you back at least four times harder, then I think it starts to become something else.

  7. belle waring says

    PZ, have you seen the new Pirates of the Carribean? it’s got some cephalopoderiffic special effects.

  8. Sweettp2063 says

    Wow!! That’s exactly what I see on almost every street corner here in Los Angeles. But it is missing something, where are the “fruits and nuts.”