1. BlueIndependent says

    I just listened to this “debate”. I put that in quotes because Bethell took a turn off the road and off a cliff from word 1.

    Mr. Mooney was audibly flummoxed as to what the heck Bethell was on about, which seemed to culminate in a concern over government funding for science and putting senators’ names on buildings. It was actually one of the funniest things I’ve heard on NPR that was not intended. Even Ira was wondering where the hell his show went.

    The especially funny stuff came when Bethell tried to put distance between his actual views and what his book says. Listening to Bethell, you’d think someone had stolen his book’s manuscript in the dead of night and published it without his consent…but he still agrees with its contents…or not…? It was quite funny.

    Good stuff, and thanks to Mr. Mooney.