1. Monimonika says

    The one pic on that page that featured an old-aged version of Barbie was neat. I think I would actually buy one if it really existed.

  2. Fred the Hun says

    The Cyrillic may be beyond me but that other stuff is not so strange, its called art,PZ. Thank you for the link, some of it is actually quite good!

  3. says

    It says: “It’s possible you won’t look at my Live Journal at all, but you should stop by this page and look at every print, the most savory and creations in one place – 72 prints

    and very soon now all these prints will be scattered around RU-Net (the Russian net)

    warning, intense load (around 14.5 mb)
    spit on the intensity: you won’t be sorry

    let’s take a look”

    Some nice stuff here – thanks for the link

  4. says

    Grrr … WHY is it you can’t see errors in time? Make that “the most savory creations in one place” (or “tastiest” or “sweetest” maybe?)

  5. Fred the Hun says

    Beleza meu irmao… that I can understand and it also explains Darth Vader with the Portugues English dictionary. Not to mention veiwing women through from the inside of a mouth, A very Brazilian concept indeed. The verb “comer” meaning to eat in Portugues, means something else again, on the streets of Brazil. Similar though not quite the same as its interpretaion in the Anglo Saxon vernacular. Ah, translating cultural concepts is a most difficult art indeed. I don’t beleive any exact science will be help of much in this department. Trust me on this one. I know because I taught ESL to Biologists in Sao Paulo…

  6. Fred the Hun says

    Oops! meant to write “will be of much help” I think I need a nice cold Brahma!