1. Will E. says

    What do you think he ate in the Garden, plants and flowers, or flowers and plants? Discuss.

  2. Frank says

    He would eat coconuts, and with his height he would be able to eat the large ones in the top.
    This is of course our Lords first atempt to make a squirrel.

  3. Rocky says

    It seems like there is no “top end” for the size of animal life! Every time paleontologists opinion they have what has to be the largest saurapod, theropod, pterosaur, they find one even larger. I understand a newly found icthysaur found in Canada is estimated at 80 feet long, much bigger than Shonisaurus. Additionally, a new fish species found in England named Leedsichthys may have also been that size. It makes you wonder how large life can actually become. What a wonderful time to be alive!

  4. wamba says

    What a wonderful time to be alive!

    You mean now, or then? I like not being chased by 40 foot long T. Rex when I walk to work.

  5. Rocky says

    Well Wamba, I wouldn’t want to be chased by a T-Rex either! But I do feel exceedingly fortunate being around at a time that these amazing animals are being discovered by the hard work of dedicated scientists. I’d give my eye teeth for a time machine to glimpse the past………

  6. redbeardjim says

    What do you think he ate in the Garden, plants and flowers, or flowers and plants? Discuss.

    I still chuckle when I remember the suggestion from Lionel Tun on that Noah employed the T-rex to cut up logs for the Ark with its huge sharp teeth.

  7. Francis says

    has anyone computed the caloric intake needed by a group of T.Rex?

    many years ago I went on a camera safari in Tanzania. Lions, I learned, spend most of their life lying around snoozing. In a place rich in prey like the Tanzanian national parks, the prides were relatively stable and well-fed.

    so, I assume, big T.Rexs ate big herbivores. how did the herbivores get so big? were the plants particularly nutritious?

  8. Rocky says

    I’ve read where Palo ecologists are examining how life, on the land and at sea, grew to the size now being found. Richer oxygen levels have been postulated, which doesn’t make sense past a certain point O2 level. The plant life seems to be mostly known, and much of the same plants are around now, many of them do not seem to be regarded as particularly in nutrients as food sources, any more than today. One of the great mysteries to ferret out.
    You probably know mammals went through a gigantic size increase in the past, but also decresed in size for some reason.

  9. Will E. says

    “When, when oh when are they going to name one “Calvinosauraus”?”

    That would be lovely. It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Gary Larsen has something named after him–an insect? I can’t remember. Even the Ramones have trilobites named after them!

  10. Rocky says

    Damm Kristine! I almost feel out of chair laughing about that one! Maltise Flat Earthers. Dinosaurs building the pyramids!
    Now I’ve heard everything.