I may have to sue

OK, that’s enough. This April Fool’s Day thing has gone too far when I am made the butt of the jokes. So far, I’ve been born again,
endorsed the Noah’s Ark story, and have been
hired as a GOP consultant. Norwegianity even found this hugely elaborate web site set up as a parody of Pharyngula. Jeez, people, you need to pick on someone with a sense of humor. Crooked Timber found a service with the right idea: this Rhyme Rank thing from ask.com invents amusing rhymes from your search terms, but go ahead, try and enter “pharyngula“—it just gives up. It knows better than to indulge in idle wastrel japery with such a deadly serious site.


  1. GW says

    I like the Noah’s Ark theory, but there should be at least one pirate on board somewhere.

  2. says

    I like the Noah’s Ark theory, but there should be at least one pirate on board somewhere.

    Noah’s Aaaarrrghk.

  3. says

    What can one say, PZ? You’re the big dog in the ScienceBlogs continuum. It’s only natural that you’d be the biggest target here. It comes with the territory. I only wish someone did so many parodies of my stuff. Since they don’t, I’m reduced to doing a not-so-good job of parodying myself.

  4. says

    This may be the right time to trot out the argument from frequency. You know:

    So many people say they have been abducted by aliens, can they all be wrong?

    There have been so many reports of PZ’s apostasy … can they all be wrong?

  5. SEF says

    With no jokes, the pharyngula site
    Could fall far from its singular height;
    But who needs April fools
    When all year there are schools
    Making more for the insular right.

  6. Eclogite says

    Aw, come on PZ. You should be flattered that all these folks like you so much that they’re willing to poke a little fun. Hey, it made me smile. :)

  7. says

    back when i was a wee pharyngula
    i might then have chosen to do ya
    but things have since changed
    i’ve grown: up, out, and brains
    so look but don’t touch, silly: boo-ya!

    a pharyngula waiting for birth
    had undeveloped organs for mirth
    but he thought it quite funny
    while squirming in Mummy
    to kick her for all he was worth.

  8. John C. Randolph says

    The only approximate rhyme I can think of for “pharyngula” is “tarantula”. Maybe I should take a couple of poetry courses at the local college.


  9. says

    But I like the idea of you being hired as a GOP consultant! (“How can we become Godless Original Patriots? Show us the way…”) If there’s anyone who doesn’t have a sense of humor, it’s those Dembski Squad tut-tutters–they object to the idea that laughter preceeded speech. Jeez. (Do they really want to make the argument that man started laughing after God started yakking?)

  10. says

    Some think the world is made for truth and logic,
    And so do I, and so do I!
    Some think it well to be teleologic,
    Opine and lie, opine and lie.
    But I, I love to spend my time researching
    Some larval fish, some larval fish;
    To add infinitesimally to Science,
    My fondest wish, my fondest wish!

    Hearken, hearken, fossils from Afar!
    Hearken, hearken, fossils from Afar!
    Pharynguli, pharyngula, pharynguli, pharyngula,
    Knowledge everywhere, pharynguli, pharyngula!