1. says

    The shrimp crackers are way better than the calamari crisps. They sell that stuff over in Japan and Korea. And avoid the stuff that looks like ham jerky, it’s dried cuttlefish. It stinks, it really does stink.

  2. Manson's Cellmate says

    Dried cuttlefish — aka squid — rules! (although some brands lace with MSG). Stinks? Maybe, but it’s frigging delicious. :)

  3. says

    We get them at the many Vietnamese stores on Nicollet close to my museum–I like them. They’re stinky, but so is the kind of cheese that I like. (MSG alert.)

  4. David Harmon says

    I like the squid jerky too, but when I bring it home, my cat keeps following me around…. ;-) And yeah, shrimp chips are good, but *before* they get fried, those things look like chips of plastic!

  5. says

    Sushi Norii drives my cats crazy. They smell it and think it’s fish. Then they get their paws on it, boy are they disappointed when they find out it’s seaweed.

  6. says

    I had to leave Japan when the 100 yen store stopped selling my favourite squid jerky. But yeah, it is full of MSG.

    Conversation with Japanese chemist:

    ME: Are you worried about all the MSG in Japanese food?

    CHEMIST: Ahh! Ajimoto! No, it is perfectly safe.

    ME: Are you sure? In Australia a lot of people are worried about it.

    CHEMIST: It is perfectly safe. It is found naturally in sea weed.

    ME: So you don’t think there is any health risk.

    CHEMIST: No! But if you ate a handful at once you would die.

  7. craig says

    That does it. Now I have to take a trip to the asian grocery first thing in the morning.
    So many great crunchy chip-things from the Philippines!

  8. dk says

    the people on that site are clearly untrustworthy. they don’t even like eden seaweed chips! this white boy has loved them since age 5.