Now with celebrity endorsements!

Just a reminder that you can still vote for Pharyngula in the Koufaxes (if you haven’t already done so) in 6 different categories! You could click on the link and leave a comment that just says “Pharyngula!”, or, since their server is rather heavily overloaded, email the name of the category and your choice to wampum @, with the subject “Koufax”. Email has the advantage that if you do decide to vote for someone else, I won’t be able to look in the comment threads over there and see it, you traitor.*

And yes, I now have some celebrity endorsements in my campaign to win a Koufax: Twisty and Majikthise. Unfortunately, they have endorsed me in different categories. There may be a problem with my votes being split 6 ways, I think…at least Phronesisaical recommends voting for me in two.

And since Michelle Malkin linked to me (the magic word was “deranged”, in a post whining about all the abuse dealt out to poor Domenech), I’d like to encourage all you Malkinites to vote for me, too. It’s only fair—after all, I voted for Michelle Maklin in the Most Humorous Post category.

*Really, it’s OK. I voted against myself** in a couple of the categories. The competition is worth voting for, too.

**I really am going to lose, I know.


  1. says

    I think being called deranged by Michelle Malkin is about the funniest thing imaginable. Pots calling kettles black from glass houses.

  2. says

    You should win “expert”, at least to put Juan Cole in his place. Hopefully also some other categories (I also voted for “Best” and “Single Issue”).

  3. says

    Yeah, I think you should win expert, too. But Majikthise deserves best blog, even though she apparently isn’t going to get it.

  4. Kristjan Wager says

    Alon, it can be hard to tell who is going to win what, as most of us are probably voting by email (I have voted for her as well).

  5. Unstable Isotope says

    I couldn’t vote Pharyngula for “Best Single Issue Blog” since Pharyngula has more than one issue! I voted for “Best Expert Blog.”

    Also, being called deranged by Malkin should be an honor. Maybe you’ll be in her next book – “Conservatives are WATBs.”

  6. says

    I can’t strategize. As anyone will tell you, I’m all about straight-up forthright expression about what I and others think, and screw it if it means my chances go swirling down the drain.

  7. says

    Peezy —

    I voted for you — twice (so not in all categories) — BTW, what prize do the winners receive?

    This blog is one that this aging monk-priest checks out every day — outstanding work (but you know that — look at all those awards you are nominated for)