1. says

    Hey, I’m curious. Does anyone know if out-there religious movements like $cientology, Church of Satan, the Raelians, the Unarius Academy, Temple of Set, etc. have applied for their faith-based funding yet? If so, what was the outcome? Is the federal government funding Satanic outreach programs or drug addiction recovery groups that channel the space brothers, or have they been forced to violate the first amendment and pronounce judgement as to what is or is not a religion?

  2. Madam Pomfrey says

    How much federal funding does the DI and similarly-styled BS get, anyway? I’d really like to know, especially since it’s so horribly difficult for real scientists to get federal $$ these days.

  3. says

    I doubt DI and their ilk get much FEDERAL funding, but being faith-based certainly opens up the private funcding a lot.

    (I skipped right over “federal” when I initially glanced at the cartoon.)