Now that’s a map!

Ah, I remember those endlessly complicated maps of cellular metabolism I had to memorize for biochemistry. Now here’s a clever idea: weblogs as enzymes in the metabolism of the blogosphere. I better not have to memorize the whole thing.


  1. G-Do says

    Oh, that’s rich. I especially like all the Mg2+ floating around near “heat.” Gotta have those divalent cations.

    However, I think a more appropriate cell signaling model to use for the American political process might be apoptosis (but I am a political pessimist, so don’t mind me).

  2. says

    As a card-carrying enzymologist making the leap from ground state over my a.m. activation barriers, I am now in one steady state of amusement thanks to this little tidbit. That map is inspired to the Vmax for sure!

  3. John Morgan says

    ‘Confused laymen’ is actually a synonym for the little-studied saccharide L-fucnose.