Good news for Minnesota education

Dave Eaton, Mouth of Yecke, public advocate of poor education, creationist pest, has given up the fight.

On Tuesday, January 31, School Board member Dave Eaton resigned from the Minnetonka School Board. Noting personal reasons, he informed the Board that he is no longer able to continue his service. Mr. Eaton had served on the School Board since being appointed on June 4, 2002.

The School Board is expected to act on Mr. Eaton’s resignation at its Regular Meeting on Thursday, February 2, 2006. The Board will discuss a process for filling the vacancy at a scheduled work session on February 7 at Noon. Complete details of the process the Board will use to fill the Board vacancy will be released following the February 7th work session.

I hope that all is well with Mr Eaton and that he is retiring to a pleasant and productive life, but it is good news that he is going to be meddling with education less. This is also, I hope, a promising sign: as wonderful as the Dover decision was, a better prospect for the future would be to see more pro-science activists displacing creationists from local school boards. That’s one place where it is important to see this phony conflict resolved.


  1. BlueIndependent says

    Keep an eye out. The Reps like regurgitating these people into spin-tank leadership roles and propping them up as the freedom fighters they aren’t.

  2. Melanie Reap says

    I agree with BlueIndependent. Eaton has too much invested in the DI and other neo-con issues to let it go this easily.

  3. says

    I second Melanie’s and BlueIndependent’s suspicions, but there’s more good news, and that is that one of our guides ran for state senate in that area last fall and won (Terri Bonoff). She opposes the teaching of intelligent [sic] design.

  4. fyreflye says

    So, PZ, why don’t you apply for the opening? It’s likely a part-time job and you could not only defend but work toward improving science education in your state.

  5. says

    Consider the following:

    On January 31, Bush makes AP and IB (International Baccalaureate) centerpieces of his new education initiatives.

    On January 31, Dave Eaton, who was one of those who savaged Minnetonka’s IB program (“… promotes atheism, etc.”), resigns from the Minnetonka school board.


  6. Dave Puskala says

    Good news for the Minnetonka schools. My concern is what he plans to do with his time now. He has taken his snake oil show on the road once already. He might be coming to your town.