October 2020 Fundraiser

It’s that time again for our monthly fundraiser — our gentle, low key fundraising event where we try to entertain you for your free will donations. If you appreciate what Freethoughtblogs does, please do drop a few dollars in our Paypal account. All donations will go to pay off the legal debt we acquired while fighting off a SLAPP suit.

Last month, our September 2020 Fundraiser featured a long weekend of online panels and events. This October, we’re doing a few events focused on Halloween, on 31 October.

Fall Photo Gallery: One has already begun! We’re gathering photos and art about Fall and Halloween at the Affinity blog, and you can view the gallery at any time. Also, this isn’t just the work of the bloggers here at FtB: readers can send in their photos to affinitysubmissions@gmail.com, and your work may appear there!

Story Time: Our bloggers are going to be writing stories and poems about Halloween. Beginning the week of 25 October, we’ll be intermittently posting short fiction on our blogs. Check in here to find links to each one as it appears.

  1. FTB Presents: A Dark Intellectual Web (Episode 1)
  2. A Dark Web: Part Two
  3. A Dark Web: Part Three
  4. A Dark Web: Part Four
  5. A Dark Web: Part Five
  6. A Dark Web: Part Six

Quiz Impossible, Halloween edition: Bodies, Bones, and Things that go Bump in the Night: We’re coming back with another episode of our online quiz show, led by our host, Abbey St. Brendan. Look for that the evening of Halloween.

You should be afraid of climate change: What may be the scariest thing facing us in the near future? There’s a lot of competition, but Abe Drayton and others will make the case that climate change is a major concern in an online panel.

Scary Story Readings: Throughout Halloween day, we’ll be releasing videos of our bloggers reading scary stories aloud. Check back here for a schedule!

Spooky Gaming: Crypt of the Necrodancer!

Remember to donate, if you can. If you can’t, being a good audience is also a great reward for us!