Video: Phone Security and Surveillance

Most of the time, when I talk about the problems facing us, I also talk about the kinds of things that I think people can do. Most of that relates to the need for systemic change, and a global shift in power and economic policy. In other words, we need to work against the capitalists driving us to extinction, as well as the governments that serve them. That also means that, even if your activism is all legal and peaceful, the likelihood is high that your government will work against you, especially if you have success. That is why, in this age of mass surveillance, seasoned activists place a lot of emphasis on taking steps to secure the privacy to which we should have a right. There’s a lot to be aware of, when it comes to our phones, and I honestly find it difficult to keep track of everything. Fortunately, Renegade Cut has put out this video, which works as a good primer on the subject:


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    The thing that gets me about all the plague rats the past few years is how many of them I would have expected to embrace the chance to use masks as a way to stymie the mass surveillance and work being done on facial recognition.

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    I think that may be part of why so much money goes into creating and upholding conspiracy theories – it’s misdirection, to keep a segment of the population focused on nonsense.

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